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Journal of Captain Johnathan Athol - (Temmit only)

Started by Dray, March 29, 2008, 09:13:46 PM

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The following info can be read by anyone, but only Temmit can act upon the info herein unless he shares it with others at a later time. Thanks.

Journal of Captain Johnathan Athol

"My accounts of the lovely Miss Renee Olsteel"

With that as the lone title on the cover page, you instantly knew that your assumption that this journal would bring nothing but trouble and even danger was correct.

As journals go, it wasn't as boring or as technical as you thought it might have been. From the reading of 240 pages, the following are your assumptions and evaluations of the man that wrote the book.


    The Captain is 34 years old, 10 years retired from the Outer Rim Defense. He then immediately re-enlisted as an officer in the Capital City Guard. Like so many in this society, he is a career military man. "Captain" is also a nickname and not an actual title, for unfortunately the man actually carries the rank of Major. His command responsibility is all station posts throughout the city, over 400 men. Obviously this is a major reason Renee chose him.
    *He has one accommodation, earned to him when in battle for the Outer Rim Defense, a Flame Medallion, just like Renee.


    The Captain isn't extraordinary, nor is he a schlep. He is a hard working man who seeks to have a family someday. From certain snippets of passages he has ethically worked within the system to gain every advantage he could in his career path. He also mentions a good savings built up in the Bank of Safe Haven. This he plans on using to purchase a home close to the capital where he can then consult part time as a military training specialist.
    *The "Captain" however, is a sexist, it is made plain within his writings. What also is evident is that he is not forthcoming with his opinion of the "fairer and weaker sex" as the book is full of his observations of the admiring young women throughout the city. Temmit notes, women in this society, who by all "normal people" are considered equals, who would be appalled at this man's narrow view of them.

Relationship with Renee:

    The Captain really likes Renee, throughout the journal, even when accounting for all of her illegal activities; he doesn't in any way slight her. In some instances his writing puts him in the light of defense council speaking to the jury, which is the reader. He makes many attempts (again while recording her crimes) to justify her actions for the good of her family and friends.
    *Reading between the lines, as instructed, Temmit knows that the Captain doesn't really love Renee, even though he sometimes speaks highly of her courage and compassion to do the right thing by people in the city. It is Temmit's opinion that the Captain's intention is NOT to marry her after her 6 years of service. So what is his intention then? Temmit wonders.
    *The Captain really enjoys "being with Renee" as the book details their bedroom activities frequently.

Incriminating Knowledge:

    The Captain is NOT aware that Renee is a leader of a resistance group known as Whisper.
    *He is aware of her black market activity, knowing (first hand you might say) of the conception-control drug she sells. In fact he has promoted this drug to his soldier friends who have strongly suggested the drug to their sexual partners. This is the one and only slip he makes with his own hand in scribe. For conception-control was made illegal back in the day when girls needed to become pregnant as soon as their bodies were able, and although the enforcement of the law isn't something heard of in this day, the law still exists in the books.

*        *        *

'Where have I heard that before?' Temmit wondered.
'From Renee's father.,' said Smokey matter-of-factly
'Oh,' Temmit thought casually.
'Oh!' Temmit exlaimed in thought.
'Ooooooh,' Temmit thought as it all "clicked into place".
'Thank fate you can at least perceive emotions, otherwise I wouldn't know what to do with you my friend,' Smokey teased him gently.

*   *    *

    The Captain also knows first hand what Kristen looks like. Early on in the journal, shortly after Renee admitted to her "criminal activity" (Captain's words) with the Black Market, Renee asked him to reduce the amount of men at a checkpoint to make it inconvenient to make arrests or otherwise harass. On the night of that very first occasion (of what would be many) that Renee would request, the Captain did what he was asked but he also scoped Kristen out from an unseen vantage point. Since that night, Kristen has had to gain passage into Lowtown numerous times. Since she is a very lovely young woman, many guards tend to delay her at the Checkpoint so they can get good eye candy, but with her flirtations she has never been refused entry. This though, has made her a welcome, but also well known visitor to the guards who have her beauty permanently etched into their memories.

    *The Captain does not reveal on whether he knows where the chemical laboratory is located, though he does mention wondering about it early on in the time the activity started.
    *The Captain mentions the black market raids each and every daily entry at the end of the journal. Reading again between the lines, Temmit wonders how tempting the thought to turn over Renee would have been.