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Episode 18: The Cliffside Crypts Part 3

Started by fraz, March 09, 2008, 04:07:05 PM

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Episode 18: The Cliffside Crypts Part 3
[Sat 23 Feb 08 Foxboro]

Bastion: Matt
Haf: Jim
Maal-Brengain: fraz
Mel: Steve
Ragnor: Rob C.
Severen: NPC

Intro Bastion:
-Bastion arrives in Threshold and meets Julius
-Julius shows him to the Temple
-Bastion and his acolytes clean up temple

Duthash Gyth Basque [May 29]:
-rest & recovery
-Maal-Brengain & Haf are both still weakened [-1 STR]

Duthash Gyth Aryor [May 30] Morning:
-party meets up at Lander's Cliffside Tavern
-introductions with Bastion

-party descends into the crypts
-party passes by Galavan MacConnal's tomb

-Party arrives at large 30' chamber
-Bastions recognizes this area as a death cult area
-Severen investigates area closely
-Maal-Brengain gives him the dagger that they found here on the altar
-Severen asks: where is bowl?
-Maal-Brengain indicates that the bowl was left on top of the trap door in floor
-she notices that the bowl has moved
-this would seem to indicate that someone passed thu the trap door

-Wolf growls as he becomes aware of something
-Mac notices that there are Shade Wolf tracks in the dust upon the floor
-party descends stairs

-Marching Order:
Mac & Wolf
Bastion (carrying torch)

-arrive at ceiling trap door
-Bastion detects aura of evil from above
-Haf throws trap door open and ducks down to let Mac & Wolf leap up through the hole

[round 1]
-Bastion holds action
-Ragnor: elf eyes
-Mac & Wolf leap up into chamber of darkness
-there are three sets of glowing eyes which turn out to be more phantoms
-Mac casts spell on self: Barkskin
-Haf leaps up thru hole and rolls aside
-Maal-Brengain leaps up thru hole and rolls to other side
-Severen begins to chant
-Bastion moves up thru hole

-phantom strikes wolf with phantom claws

[round 2]
-Bastion casts Bull's Str on Maal-Brengain [+4 STR]
-Ragnoruses psionic energy missile and hits two
-Severen moves up thru hole and flashes his unholy symbol
-purple ray calms them
-he calls them to him
-party looks around at large storage chamber filled with debri
-there is an exit on the north wall (20' from east)

-discussion on the phantoms: what should be done with them?
-Severen suggests that these things must be either destroyed or locked up in his temple until he can dominate them (Severen's order = Order of the Living Night)
-decision: Severen will take them to his temple
-party waits in storage chamber while Maal-Brengain escorts Severen with the phantoms to his temple
-Maal-Brengain and Severen make it to temple unseen and Severen locks the phantoms within

-Mac and party find food and water in storage containers
-Maal-Brengain & Severen return

-continue on down north corridor
-room w/ two sets of glowing eyes which approach party

[round 1]
-Bastion fails a turning
-Haf holds action
-Severen pulls out his spiked chain
-Maal-Brengain hits phantom01 [8]
-Bastion turns both phantoms
-Maal-Brengain hits phantom01 [7 on attck of opp]
-Severen hits phantom01 [attck of opp]
-both phantoms flee quickly to NE before anyone else can attck

-Mac listens at door which opens inward toward party
-open corridor to the north is dark
-Mac opens the door, revealing North/South corridor

— to be continued —


Oh yes! Bastion has Acolytes! I forgot about that... Excellent...