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Session 1 - All Ashore That's Going Ashore

Started by Griznuq, February 22, 2005, 12:47:58 PM

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First Session:
April 07, 2004

Morning broke, hanging purple over the inner bay. Seven long boats have been made ready and the adventurers transfer from the larger ships into them. They row towards shore, adopting a flanking formation (like the flight of migrating geese), with Torlann in the point boat.

As we near shore (100 feet out, as I recall) a shout is heard from Ivan alerting the wayfarers of ambush. A score and a half Sahuagin erupt from beneath the shallow water; they all bear heavy crossbows and are lined 3X10 (I recall three lines, I assume there were 10 columns). Battle is joined, with initial rounds being bow volleys and spells (magic missiles, create flames?).

The Sahuagin are very military. The third row is handing crossbows forward so that the front rows have the opportunity to shoot every round. While the second row is reloading, the first row stands in front of them, providing living shields. Torlann crashes his boat straight into them and melee is joined.

Heavy crossbows are abandoned by the Sahuagin in favor of the stick-and-chew methods.

Battle is won, but with casualties. All the Sahuaginthat were seen were downed (although some may yet live). We have gained the beach and some precursory investigating of the sparse foliage that lines the flatlands had been undertaken.

Torlann high tailed it back t o the Endeavor to ensure that they too were no under attack. Laborers are expected soon, and the intent is to set up a BOO (base of operations) replete or complete with tents and chain-link fences. A few parties were sent north around the river bend to see what they can see.