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Episode 22 - Meeting of the Mind

Started by Dray, June 29, 2009, 12:47:32 PM

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This thread occurs after New Threads, and Dinner of the Protectorate (forthcoming).

As promised, Nicola had entered Kit's room in the wee-hours of the morning to gently shake Kit awake in her bed. As Kit sat up and took a few minutes to rub the sleep out of her eyes, Nicola fussed about in the girls room.

Kit had become quite fond of the eccentric ruler of Kurr. Nicola appeared to be the genuine article of humble greatness. From the moment she had met the Arch-duchess, Kit had experienced nothing but kindness from her, along with compassion and selfless nobility.

After Nicola had presented breakfast on the room's small dining table she opened the window drapes. A fresh cool air washed through the room as the rays of the just breaking sun illuminated the bedside wall to Kit's right. With Kit's dress (from the previous night's dinner) folded over her arm, Nicola sat beside her on the bed.

"I be getting' this cleaned fer ya me dear," she said.
"Thanks again for the means to procure it," Kit replied.
"No thanks be needed lassie. Ye be more than makin' oop fer the payment with the challenges ye be overcomin' on our people's behalf methinks," she paused for another warm smile. "The High Priest he be at the Temple dis morgin', try ye to shake off ye sleepies, eat a quick bite and ye be on your way," she said as she patted Kit's cheek and gave her a smile that warmed Kit's soul down to her toes.

Kit was caught kind of speechless at the affection and simple smiled back in reply.

"That's a good lass," Nicolas said and departed.

'She is growing on me,' projected her psi-crystal Jordan into her mind from its guard post on the night stand.

'Aye, me too lassie,'[/i] projected Kit back in a weak copy of their host's brogue. Jordan giggled.

Kit dressed in her new clothes which had been selected by Nicola from the neatly folded pile of yesterday's purchases. Breakfast was muffins, fruit and cheeses, all things that could be carried. Still concerned about her emaciated form, Kit filled the pockets in her cloak and proceeded downstairs after quickly finishing a tall mug of truffle coffee.


Although the trip from Vallensun Keep to the Temple of the Valiant was an uneventful one, Kit's nerves were not put at ease. For the entire length of the trip she coordinated her return trip with the help of her trusted advisor and cowardice expert Jordan. The crystal that contained Kit's uncontrolled fear, a fragment of her psyche, was proving to be indispensable in planning her emergency hiding spots.

Finally, just as Kit was starting to feel her heart race in trepidation caused by Jordan's constant diatribe of fear, Kit cleared the last alley at the edge of the temple grounds. The sudden sensation of basking in the presence of her God washed all over her as she stared up at the majestic structure. Despite the fact that the view had accompanied her along most of the journey, being at its base and near the massive entry made her feel significantly smaller.

Inside the grand cathedral a surprising number of clergy were finishing a service for a mostly elderly congregation. Kit sat in the back and tried to enjoy the last few minutes of the service. It had been a long time since she had visited the House of Paladine, and the familiarity of it summoned memories of home.

Upon completion of the morning service, the procession of over a dozen adepts followed the high priest to the back of the Hall. The typical march performed in Paladine churches elsewhere seemed to carry much more divine providence in such an eloquent cathedral, a shiver went up Kit's spine.

Kit observed, from the back of the receiving line, the interaction between the high priest and the followers. Each old man and woman received not only parting words of wisdom, but a hidden (from them) spell; a brief flash of light that passed from the priests hands to the followers back or shoulders as he embraced each in kindness. Each in turn looked spiritually and physically reinvigorated as they departed. Finally, it was Kit's turn to face the priest.

"Good morning Kit, I have been expecting you," greeted the High Priest, immediately disarming some of Kit's concerns.

"Where can we discuss the matter at hand My Lord?" she asked. Kit realized that secrecy, even possibly from the other clerics of Paladine, was of prime importance.

"Meet me in the rectory Miss Kit," he replied with a warm smile. Kit simply nodded and with a simple blessing from him was on her way out of the great Hall.