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Episode 21 - Tripwires

Started by Johan, June 08, 2009, 09:14:01 AM

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I realize that we never documented this session, so I'm putting it in to the best of my ability to recall. Wildfire: I know that you have some details, and would appreciate the additions (introductions, In-Game date...)

Anyone else who can recall anything, please feel free to edit appropriately.

Play Date: Unknown
Game Date:

Hafaveraal: Phin
Maccabues: Johan
Who else was there? I can't recall. I think that Hemo was playing Ragnar. I also think that Griz was playing Bastion

Scenario: Some dwarves have gone missing, last seen to the north of Threshold. Go find them! I think that some clan members were offering a reward, and entreated Julius for help. Or did they just come to the members of the protectorate directly?

The members of the protectorate head off northerly. Maccabeus and Wolf take the point, looking for signs off the road of dwarf feet. Not sure how we did this, but we did find evidence of their passing to the east side of the road, leading off towards the Eastwall. The location is actually quite close to the hut where the warerate episode took place.

There is a mine in these here hills, and the dwarf tracks go into that mine. The companions follow suit. Not too far into the mine, we are able to see many, many crystal-looking strands, like clothes lines, drapped from ceiling to walls and floors. A torch is lit, and we make our way cautiously. Up close, these strands do indeed seem crystal-like, though many are covered with some kind of sticky resinous goo.

As the companions penetrate the mine, suddenly a net falls upon them from the ceiling (I think this was on that klutz Maccabeus) and they are under attack by a large crystal spider! Crystal spider? Yes. Seriously? Yes: it's a spider that seems to be made of living, organic crystal. Freaky.

The battle is fad fought, but won. Maccabeus has never heard of such a thing, and takes a sample for Ashe's inspection. The companions push forward.

This scene replays itself several times until Hafaveraal realizes that some of the strands that cross the floor are in fact trip wires that set of a trap, dropping a web upon the intruders, and signaling an attack by the spider-resident.

Brilliant! (and creepy).

At length, the protectorate can see up ahead in the cave some bound "packages" that are roughly dwarf-shaped and sized. And they are being guarded by the biggest mo-fo crystal spider the companions have seen yet (this, just after an encounter with a big spider). By this time, however, the group is all but spent. There are no more healing spells, few Psionic power points, and fewer Hit Points. We agree that we would not survive that encounter. We must fall back to Threshold, regroup, hope that someone goes up a level, and come back with an opera singer who can shatter crystal using vocals.
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I believe that Hemo was playing Mel, and Fraz was playing Maal, and Griz was, in fact, playing Bastion.

The dwarves were seeking Julius's advice and he referred them to you.

I'll get back to you with a date on this

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