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Episode 11: A Council Complete
« on: April 13, 2006, 03:43:43 PM »
Episode 11
A Council Complete

[Saturday 18 Mar 06 in Randolph]

Cast of characters:
Dale: Blackspear
Kit: Dray
Laren: Matt C.
Jarmok: Johan
Maal Brengain: fraz
Ragnor: Himo
Sayer: Phin

Sythus [Spring]
Valley Year 237
Duthash Dracum Voldyn [13 May]
Morning at the Ruins of Rivercliff Keep:

Dale climbs up to the top of the ruined fortress to keep watch.

He also uses the time to count out the collected loot.
Total money gained from the ruined Rivercliff Keep (36 lbs):
30 pp
600 gp
1200 sp
1500 cp (Dale dumps this aside, as he cannot carry it all)
All the coins are of Vychian mintage.

Sayer & Ragnor lead the council members away into the woods for safety.

Jarmok, Kit, Laren, and Maal descend into the keep.
The stairs u-turn south as they descend.
Light filters up from below through a purplish mist (similar to the mist surrounding Severen's temple.

Jarmok scouts ahead quietly.
He sees stinky lizard feet in the mist ahead - at least four.

Kit, desperate to find the missing priests (one of which she knows!), tries to charge down the stairs.
Jarmok grabs at her to stop her, but misses
Maal also makes an attempt to stop her, but misses (crit miss).  She loses her balance and begins rolling down the stairs.
Laren manages to grab Kit as Jarmok grabs Maal.
However, as Laren touches Kit he blacks out momentarily.
Kit suddenly drops to her knees in severe pain (lower back).

Jarmok sees three troglodytes ascending towards them.
The troglodytes are surrounded by the eerie purplish mist.
Jarmok: "RUN!"
The party quickly retreats up the stairs and out through the door.
The door is quickly barred behind them.

Dale joins them as they exit and they all retreat out to the woods to find Sayer, Ragnor, and the coucilmembers.
They all quickly follow the trail back to town.

Jarmok scouts ahead out of sight to watch for enemies.

Ragnor takes point.
Dale covers the rear.

Kit asks Laren about his healing potions...
Maal interrupts...  She doesn't want to waste valuable resources when they are heading back to town.  If Kit can just make it there, then Ashe can take care of her.

Meanwhile, Jarmok discovers a pit trap in the ground.  He exposes it and then navigates around it, continuing on.

A bit later, Ragnor approaches the exposed pit.
He is confused by the open pit... and investigates by thowing stones (looking for an illusionary walkway by which they can cross).
However, the others pass him and easily walk around the pit.

During the journey, Sayer talks quietly with the councilmembers.
[Fill in more details here - anyone remember what was said?]

Jarmok hears a deep voice ahead speaking another language.
Jarmok returns and reports this to the party.
He suggests splitting off from the trail and circling around the strangers.
The party follows Jarmok.
Dale, in the rear, can see a couple of large (8-10' feet tall) figures walking on the trail towards the runined keep.

Once safely away from the area Dale reports what he's seen.
The party trudges onward and eventually rejoins the trail.

Kit's pain is intensifying [she must make fort save].
Clenching her teeth, she continues onward.
As Jarmok finally approaches Threshold, he falls back momentarily to check on the party.
He then bolts ahead to report to Julius.

Approaching the town, Kit finally collapses in excruciating back pain.
Laren checks on her... he looks at her back, but can see nothing wrong, though it is painful to the touch.
Ragnor carries her to Ashe's house.
Laren follows.

Maal, Sayer, and Dale escort the councilors to Julius.

Jarmok finds Julius in his office and quickly reports.
He then rushes to Ashe's house (still ahead of the others) and reports to Maccabeus and Ashe.
Maccabeus and Ashe leave immediately and meet Ragnar (still carrying Kit) and Laren outside.
Laren heads to the Stump while the others bring Kit inside the house.
Jarmok does not stay long, though... he hurries back to the council house to meet the others.

Meanwhile, Maal, Sayer, and Dale arrive at the council house with the council members:
All of the councilmembers are finally gathered together.
All of the races are represented:

Julius Hawkhaven, the human
Karock, the dwarf
Nimblin, the halfling
Bareth, the half-orc
Svenia Goodwink, the gnome
Rainfire, the elf
Avalon Sythuswind, the half-elf

Julius to the other council members: "I?m glad that you are alive."

Svenia explains their story:
They left Kurr with three priests and a garrison of soldiers (three other priests stayed behind and are planning to come at a later time).
All of the soldiers were killed in the attack.
The council members and priests were taken as prisoners.
The council members were locked up in the room in which they were found, but the priests were taken down into the dungeons beneath the keep.  There was a dark priest who was in charge.

Discuss the ruins of Rivercliff Keep.
Maal reports the similarities of the purple mist at the keep and at the temple in town.

Meanwhile, Ashe and Maccabeus tend to Kit.
Kit finally leaves on her own two feet and heads to Thornhedge for a relaxing bath.

The council meeting ends.
Jarmok, Maal and Dale head to Ashe's house for some treatment.  Maal even agrees to drink some of Ashe's brew...  there is talk of returning to the keep on the ?morrow, and she wants to be as fit and rested as possible.
Maal and Dale recover as they sleep off the effects of Ashe's brew.

Afterwards they return to the Thornhedge where Dale counts out the collected loot.
Total money gained from the ruined Rivercliff Keep (36 lbs):
30 pp
600 gp
1,200 sp

Laren, drinkin' ale at the stump, talks to Garret about the hook.

Dale discreetly hands out pouches to everyone containing their share of the loot:
12pp and 5gp to each person.
Sayer asks Dale about the pouch and Dale explains that it is money that he collected from the dead enemies at the keep.
Sayer hands it back and tells him to keep the money and use it to buy supplies and equipment for the Protectorate.

The party meets at the Thornhedge Inn.
Discuss plans.
They agree that they should return to the ruined keep the very next day to clean it out and destroy it if possible.
The meeting ends and folks rise to leave.
Kit suddenly collapses unconscious!
She is convulsing on the floor!
Ragnor grabs Kit and heads immediately to Ashe's, leaving behind all of his belongings.
Jarmok runs off ahead to awaken Ashe.

Laren and Dale head to the Stump.
Maal collects Ragnor's discarded equipment.

Ragnor arrives and Ashe examines Kit.
There is now a large oval blood blister on kit's lower back!
Ashe looks very grave.
He asks Jarmok to stay overnight to help him out and Jarmok agrees.