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Session 25b - Traitors Betrayed
« on: July 08, 2013, 01:26:10 PM »
Play Date: June 28, 2013
Players: Phin (Sayer) and Johan (Jarmok)

Qwydeon Albyr Fehy VY. 237 (June 2)

Arrests were made, and interrogation rooms were put at Sayer’s disposal.

Room 1: Argen McKenzie – Royal Courier Master
Room 2: Sargent Farkus – Captain of the guard in Kurr (although how a Sargent is a Captain, I don’t know…)
Room 3: Friedrick Fitzsimmons – Headmaster to the Royal Scribes in Kurr
Room 4: a revolving cast, including Sabine (Royal Herald), Mila (Royal Herald), Davis Allister (15 year-old Courrier)

Of these sets of people, Sayer and Jarmok question first Argen McKenzie, whose family has now been rescued, and who is also a loyal Kurr citizen (unlike Farkus). We expected that he would be most helpful, and he did not disappoint.

From Argen we learned:

Farkus is the principal player in Argen’s coercion. He approached Argen just over a month ago, and suggested that Argen re-route certain mail that would come to him from a certain Herald (Mila). Argen’s first response was one of resistance, but Farkus abducted Argen’s family, and on threat of their life Argen complied.

There is nothing else that Argen knows.

From Davis we learned:

Davis presented as a very nervous kid. He indicated that Farkus is the principal player in Davis’ involvement. Farkus paid Davis a gold to watch Argen to see what he was doing when he received letters from Mila. Davis would follow Argen, and tell Farkus what was going on (which was nothing of note, really). Farkus paid well, and promised protection. Davis just wanted to go home to mommy.

With these things known, we went to question Friedrick Fitzsimmons:

Fitzsimmons claimed to be completely at a loss about how any of the mis-directions took place. It must, says he, have been Mila. When questioned about how he decided upon which Herald would deliver which letters, he claimed that it was random. He hired her out of the goodness of his heart, to help family (who had been after him for some time to help her out of the slums where she was apparently working).

We covered our mouths and coughed…*bullshit*…but we had no proof.

We went to talk to Farkus:

The past-Sargent Farkus was completely chained up in his little room, with a yoke behind his neck, and his arms and feet chained to this yoke. He was not going anywhere.

When asked what he knew about Friedrick Fitzsimmons, Farkus claimed to know nothing.

When asked about his role with regards to the Threshold Councilors, he stated that he delivered the councilors to Threshold, and that’s it. He was actually pretty smarmy about it, too.

It was clear that he was more than happy to maintain his innocence and not give up his allies.

Jarmok took two shadewolf claws from out of his bags. These particular claws (long, and black as they were) he had recovered from the ambush site. These he put on the table, and said that he had recovered them from the ambush site. A tinge of fear entered Farkus’ eyes. Jarmok then told Farkus that Jarmok KNEW that Farkus was there, up on the hill, while the ambush was going on. Farkus began to sweat…it was clear that he knew that there was evidence that would send him to his death.

Farkus then wanted to know what might he be awarded if he chose to cooperate. Sayer told him that only Arch-Duke Corwynn could determine that, but that Farkus would most likely hang for his treason.

We then intimated that it might be that they could instead release him, along with the rumor that Farkus was now aiding the Arch-Duke, and in this way Farkus might instead be killed by Shadow Riders.

Farkus remained defiant; he didn’t appreciate the difference between dying at the hands of the government of Kurr or dying at the hands of shadow riders. Jarmok planted more than one seed about what death by shadow rider looked like. Farkus listened.

Sayer and Jarmok left Farkus to think about what he’d like his death to look like.

We then summoned Herald Mila.

Mila told us a few pieces of the puzzle, which we had surmised, but for which we needed to be sure. Namely:

Fitzsimmons hired her as an apprentice scribe

She delivered a total of four letters to Argen (that’s the number that went missing, and she was quite surprised that Fitzsimmons summoned her for that purpose)

There really isn’t enough work to warrant both Sabine and Mila for the duties.

We then went back to Farkus, to see how he felt his stew was being cooked.

Farkus seemed to be on the verge of wetting his pants now, and he crumbled. In fact, we could barely get him to stop talking!

Fitzsimmons is the leader of the Kurr traitors (and his reach is *very* long)

Fitzsimmons recruited Farkus about 8 or 9 months ago

Farkus doesn’t know any other names of people involved in these plots (other than the one soldier who we took prisoner from the warehouse: Jerret O’Kenney

In response to where we might find more shadow rider activity in Kurr, Farkus told us to look along the lake, in sewers, underground….be on the lookout for shadows on roofs of buildings

Fitzsimmons arranged the ambush of the priests and councilors

Farkus was met at the ambush site by Vervishkuk (though Farkus did not know the creature’s name).

Farkus brought no soldiers back from the ambush site…they all died there.

With this, we again visited Fitzsommons, but he’s still claiming to be a devout man of the City State of Kurr. Farkus, Fitzsimmons tells us, is a lying so-and-so.

Sayer reported these findings to Arch-Duke Corwynn, and then we departed to Friedrick Fitzsommons’ house in the city. We brought two firbolgs, a handful of soldiers, and some meat (Jarmok was hungry…all this talking works up a man’s appetite).

At Fitzsimmons’ house we found two things of interest:
A scroll that bears runic writings in the Dark Speech language (this is damning all by itself)
A secret sub-floor compartment that contained numerous correspondences with shadow rider cells in cities throughout the realm. These communications also implicated many other Scribe Headmasters in the various cities of the west.

Fitzie is officially sealed in the proverbial gibbet.

We turned these bits of evidence over to Corwynn, and then went to confront Fitzsimmons again.

Although he realized that his game had come to an end, he was unrepentant, and remained aloof.
He informed Sayer that his own reach was much longer than Sayer’s was, though he did congratulate Sayer on a game well played. His parting words to Sayer were: “You will have no idea when the end will come. The light will simply go out.”

When we at last re-joined Corwynn, the Arch-Duke was in close and quiet conversation with a cloaked individual. Corwynn invited Sayer into the conversation. The cloaked figure turned out to be an elder elf, who Corwynn addressed by the honorific “Uncle” and named him “Levin the Hawk”!

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Session 25b - Traitors Betrayed
« Reply #1 on: July 08, 2013, 08:03:12 PM »
Excellent work and thanks!

You guys played a great game of cat and mouse, cloak and dagger, smoke and mirrors, and Marco Polo.

One should never underestimate the stimulation of eccentricity