Author Topic: Episode 19: The Cliffside Crypts Part 4  (Read 2246 times)

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Episode 19: The Cliffside Crypts Part 4
« on: November 15, 2008, 03:12:42 PM »
Note: Some revisionist history took place to account for missing members of the Protectorate.

Lander Leofric’s wife, Frenzoria, was attacked in the basement of the Cliffsie inn- the home and business. Julius called upon the protectorate to investigate the attack. Upon searching around in the basement an opening at the top of the wall was discovered. The wall was dismantled and behind it was a forgotten hallway. The halwway lead into a crypt where the protectorate explored. During their exploration they were attacked by a living shadow. The shadow was powerful enough for the Protectorate to retreat and heal

The next day prompted further investigation. Towards the end of the crypt was an ancient burial site of Galavan MacConnel a renowned Wildlander hero. Inaddition to that was a dilapidated embalming table and makeshift temple, with the trappings of a Shadow Rider ritual, that had seen recent use.

In looking around, a trap door was found that lead out to the river but another was found that lead to a very long hallway that ended at door above. When opening the door three pairs of glowing purple eyes were seen and it was decided to return the following day with help.

The following day Severen and the new arrival, Bastion went with the Protectorate to continue the discovery of where this mysterious hallway went to. Entering the first large chamber 3 of the Living Shadows immediately attacked, Severen, using his dark power over the undead, and bastion invoking the power of Sardior, defeated the free floating full torso vaporous apparitions. Severen and Maal returned to the Temple of Shadows with the apparitions where Severen could bend them to his will.

Although eager to continue, it was decided that until Severen returned, it would be futile to pursue the mystery of this haunted place.

Saturday November 1, 2008

Qwydeon Albyr Voldyn [June 1] Morning:
Bastion: Matt
Maccabeus: Johan
Ragnor: Hemo
Severen: NPC


Wolf’s reaction in the underground upon seeing tracks of shadwolves fills you with both excitement and regret. The shadewolves, your natural enemy, have proven to be valiant adversaries in the past. You find it unfortunate that such a twisted strain of your brother could exist. Are they beyond saving you wonder. Are they misunderstood as so many wolves often are and if so, does that mean you do not understand wolves the way you thought? Kym has deep understanding of wolves in a way you can only hope. Would she do no less in killing shadewolves?
Glancing over at your brother playfully minding the pups of the pack you are reminded that creatures are more like us than most would care to admit. Would a mother shadewolf defend her young any less? Is that love or just survival? If they do, in fact, love, are they really evil?

Regardless, the wolves that Wolf sensed will attack if prompted to by their masters…and defend your kindred you will…for both love and survival.


Your time in Threshold has been brief…but so far, exciting! Your sworn acolytes are busy cleaning the Temple of Crimson Eyes in preparation for the opening ceremony. They attack their hard work with such fervor and devotion it makes you proud to guide them. Perhaps your example of wielding divine power against the dark minions will inspire them further. In addition you’ve seen the power that Sardior grants you when you call upon it…power beyond that of healing. This application of divine backing has bolstered your faith in a way that Jonak, your once mentor, would be filled with pride.

Severen has proven to be a curious individual to you. He his akin to the darkness and has power over the risen spirits but in speaking with him you find he has certain nobility about him. It’s not often you’ve had any contact with a dark priest but if others are as he is then one would have to wonder what people are so fearful of. After all, everyone has their own point of view and who is to say who has a monopoly on truth? What’s more, he is frighteningly familiar with the rituals, particularly with the death rituals, of the Sadiorian Order.

Everyone has their own path and far be it for anyone to dictate to another what that path might be. Though you have come in the hopes of teaching, learning never stops.


The idea of revenge upon your once slavers fills with you an overdue satisfaction. The prospect of mercy towards them is non-existent as they had not shown you any when you were captive. Yes, revenge is a dish best served cold.

As was revealed, it was a Shadow Rider ritual that brought forth the phantoms in the underground. They must be here…somewhere! So close you can taste the delicious backlash that you will deliver upon them. The suspense of such a return is frustrating but the delivery of it you will savor.


Protectorate gets paid today! 15G!!
Members meet at the Cliffside Inn for breakfast.
Wait for Bastion to select his spells.
During our protracted conversations, the realization comes to us collectively that Galivan McConnel’s Tomb is under the Circle of All, and there must be a clear significance to that. The nature of that significance eludes us though.

After food, conversation, and spell selection, we troupe back into the underground, following the paths to where we collectively left off.

Up into the large room, there is an opening to the NE. There is a hallway that leads to another chamber, and in that chamber are two more of the phantoms that we fought last session (these phantoms have been nick-named “Mistberries”).
FIGHT – Ragnar gains aggro quickly. And the mistberries are pretty quickly defeated.

Wildfire: Please describe this room? My notes are a bit sparse, but they speak about a door that we “placed the bar upon”. My recollection is that there was this large door that was closed; it had grips on it that would enable us to place a wooden lock-bar on it, preventing it’s opening (fearing that there were other baddies behind said door).

There was also another corridor that, looking down, we could see two other mistberries. We voted to put the bar on the door and deal with the mistberries.

As that fight begins, Sevren charms one of them and uses it to fight the other one (along with us fighting the other one). We win (Like there was any other option – we rock)!

Need another description here, Wildflower!

Going through the next door, we come to realize that we’re in the Formount! YIKES!! There’s shadowrider & mistberry presence in the Fortmount!!
Conundrum: How many shadowriders might be present here at the Fortmount? Scads! More then we’re likely to be able to handle. Retreat back to Julius to convene.

Thoughts: They can send the Thornbramble twins in to reconnoiter the place. Julius states that there is another, MORE secret entrance to the Fortmount.

We need info, and that will hopefully come by the next session!
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