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The Whisper Gang
« on: February 07, 2008, 07:21:46 AM »
The Whisper Gang

For hundreds of years, children of Safe-Haven have lived under the shadow of spire.

But to shed light upon the hypocrisy, one must review history.

Kaine, the Administrator, now protects and guides the citizens of Safe-Haven from all that is the rest of the world. A once glorious human empire conquered by the demon race Karh’Thul who are now tenuously held at bay by the Holy Flame guarded at the outer rim.

Our Father guides the Council of Five from the battleground of heaven above via the very same spire at the heart of Our-Commons. Channeling his spirit to be seen only by the High Priest, each season the administrator develops the next strategic location along the Rim to conquer. Therefore, every season, a great battle is waged against the Karh’Thul. Most battles last hours, but over the last millennia, others have known to last days or even weeks. They are bloody conflicts where occasionally hundreds of soldiers are lost.

And these wars are fought by the young.

For that is what is known to the children of this world. They are born and raised in War. They know nothing else but preparation for it. Sure, within the school system they attend from age 5 to age 17 they learn skills to be productive citizens later in life. But each student knows that upon the age of 18, they must serve as a “Guardian” for six years in some aspect. Whether it be as a Tower Paladin, a Cavalier, or even a member of the clergy, each child who become an adult must serve, and each child turned adult must fight.

So it is in his shadow, in his purpose of War that each child must eventually stand.

But there is a select few who wonder why. There is a collection of special children who have begun to question if there is another way of life that can get beyond an endless cycle of conflict. These children haven’t succumbed to the dogma of War followed by most of their peers. These children progress through school, knowing they will still have to fight on the Outer Rim, but in their hearts, they have other dreams and aspirations.

For these children question the hypocrisy of their Lord and Savior. For if the purpose of life is to expand the kingdom and defeat the Karh’Thul, why can not they use the abilities they were born with?

This group of children is called the Whisper Gang.

The gang’s mantra, ‘You are either one of us, or a mere mindless pawn of Kaine’s chess game.’

This small united club of children is unknown to the government. They maintain a small secret society of about three dozen children who gather weekly in the lower underground level of the school.  Each week they discuss the issues that plague them, usually instigated by the very same government that claims to be their benefactor.

The typical subject is one that drew them together as an organization for the last two dozen years, how to keep their abilities hidden.

For not a child exists amongst the group that doesn’t have some form of “black magic” that would get that child a permanent visit to either the Mines of Treefall or to the prison in the Black Forest.

And as children have passed the recent ages through school, they have learned to use their abilities in secret while being a member of the Whisper Gang. The current leader, a 17-year old girl named Renee, has done the most for the small guild than any other ever known. A girl who can cast both arcane and divine magic, she has been able to successfully stay hidden from the City Guardians above while teaching those who would join her below.

Even the name of the guild was changed because of her. (It had been called the “Throw-Away  Order”).

The name was created a few years ago, when the guild used to meet in a lower hall, where a voice being hushed was a necessity. Children being what they are, often could get too excited at meetings and raise his or her voice in the excitement of a topic. Renee got tired of watching over her shoulder and canceling meetings early. So she developed a spell. All children at each meeting received a “Whisper Light”. This cantrip became very popular amongst the dozen arcane casters in the gang.

It is a small light akin to a candle’s flame that floats about a hand in front of the user’s chin. Although this small flame emits no heat, it sheds a nice candlelight and has a very unique ability. It is susceptible to sound. If a child starts to speak above a whisper it flickers as if being pushed by a slight breeze, and it snuffed instantly upon a child speaking at a normal volume.

This was just one solution that Renee brought to the Gang, a solution that maintained secrecy and established a nice light source to boot. She has done such other great deeds for almost each child, that most have forgotten about the originator of the Whisper Light.

And now Renee is graduating in the Spring, and with that, she will leave the school and most likely be assigned to the Outer Rim.

A new leader will need to be chosen.