Author Topic: Session 2 - Plans Changing ( 10.30.07 )  (Read 3138 times)

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Session 2 - Plans Changing ( 10.30.07 )
« on: November 09, 2007, 08:02:40 AM »
Players in attendance:
Eswarth - Johan
Maragarn - Wildfire
Fir'Ath - Dray

Eswarth and Grayan set out to collect an Orc who was spotted to the west.

Grayan tracks the Orc When found and approached, the Orc does not respond. The Orc’s garb is very unusual, very old looking. He doesn’t have any weapons or the customary tattoos an Orc tytically displayed.

He also exudes a stink that would wake the dead...wait?!?

As they get closer, they realize the Orc’s color is off, he’s grayish. Most disturbing: his eye is hanging from its socket.

Eswarth realizes that the thing is undead!

Eswarth ties a rope around it, with two long tethers, Grayan takes the tether in the front, Eswarth in the back and they lead the thing out of the area. It does not struggle or resist, though it does still try to go it’s own way.

Eswath realizes that the thing tries to avoid Eswarth.

Firath arrives just after the Zombie is corralled, Introduces himself.

The three take the zombie into the Centuar city. Fir’ath is amazed by the city.

Eswarth escorts Fir’ath and the zombie (Grayan makes himself scarce) to Aimria’s house, just outside of the city. Su’tharc is there.

*          *          *          *          *

Maragarn’s travels finally brought him to the edge of the Ironbark forest where he was met by a female centaur with long flowing golden hair. She lead him to the city and left him at the community tavern. She explained that she’d let Su’tharc know he was here, and would return for him when Su’tharc was available.

There was an elf tending bar who served Maragarn.

Maragarn ate, and looked about at the art work on the shelves.

*          *          *          *          *

Eswarth and Fir’ath bring the creature to Aimria’s house, where Su’tharc is.

Some inspection of this thing suggests that its garb is close to 1,000 years old.. Also, when Eswarth quetions whether Su'tharc or Aimria will be able to use this beast to create a cure for those centaur who (as a result of earlier encounters with these undead) had fallen sick, Su'tharc says that those centaurs are already starting to feel better (Good: It's not the plague, only a passing ailment!)

Su’tharc takes the creature into the house, and tells Eswarth that until he finds out more, perhaps it would be a good idea to give Fir’ath a meal at the tavern. The two go.

Upon entering the tavern, Eswarth and Fir’ath take note of the Satyr. Eswarth also noticed Grayan.

Eswarth orders food and drink from the Elf. The elf said to Eswarth,” Here’s some of the best meat we got, enjoy it while it's still good.” The statement struck Eswarth as odd, but now was not the time to find out what the Elf meant.

Eswarth and Fir’ath chatted, and in conversation mentioned Su’tharc’s name. Maragarn asked if they knew Su’tharc and asked if he’d be able to meet with him. After some preliminary questioning, Eswarth concluded that the woman who provided guidance into the woods, would return as she said when Su’tharc was available.

As he finished his sentence, The doors opened, and the female guide came in. She gathered all three of the adventurers, and brought them out to Su’tharc’s grove.

Su’tharc tells Fir’ath that the body he’s looking for in Embar has gone missing, and Su’tharc has arranged for the document Fir’ath is after to be brought there to the forest. Fir’ath would not have to go to the city himself.

The subject changes to the Zombie. Su’tharc explains that the Orc appears to be an undead soldier from the battle of twelve nights, and it appears that not only are they coming back to life, they’re regenerating.  Being that the Orc died so long ago, it should be just a skeleton, but this one was flesh and bone.

Su’tharc explained that he doesn’t think the Orcs coming back to life is the only thing that’s going on. He said that he thinks these Orcs coming back to life is just a side effect of something bigger. What, he does not know.

Su’tharc explained to Maragarn that no Ironbark trees took this year, and thus there are no roots to give, but he would know more in a day or so.

Su’tharc asked that while the travelers are in the Ironbark their unusual skills would be greatly appreciated.  Maragarn said that his grandfather’s life was more important to him than this forest or whether or not some trees grew.