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N'arth Campaign 3/22/05
« on: March 22, 2005, 03:18:02 PM »
N?arth is a divided land.   A once proud and fierce nation, it has been reduced to bitter battles and petty squabbling from the lowest peasant to the most pompous noble.   Everyone tries to increase their own wealth and status by stepping on anyone who gets in the way.   For centuries, the people of N?arth have fought against each other.   Wyvernstars fought Arkhens and the Druids of Flaern, Shadan Wizards dueled with Zyrithian Wizards, De La N?arth Kings aided by the Maces of N?arth warred with Myritars and both schools of wizardry.  Utter chaos spread across the sundered land.   A once unified people, reduced to a mob of individuals united only by their will to survive.  
Now N?arth?s survival is threatened.   The dreaded Deltharites have resurfaced from fairy tales and legends to lay claim to N?arth in their goddess? name.   Starting with the assassinations of nearly every noble, the Deltharites weakened the ruling class of the nation.   Sowing lies and discord, the assassins provoked Lord Ambermantle to attack Lord Wyvernstar.    Ambermantle shattered his forces against the might of House Wyvernstar.   Sensing the moment of opportunity, the Deltharites launched their attack.  Aided by the traitor Theryn Northwind, the Deltharan minions quickly invaded the capitol city of N?arth.   With a powerful drug made from red trillium, the priests of Delthara poisoned the populous of N?arth and gained their submission.   Upon securing the capitol city, the Deltharites set siege upon both centers of magic, The Tower of Shada and the Flame of Azirith, effectively neutralizing any aid from the once mighty wizards.   At the same time, the Deltharites infiltrated Castle Myritar and poisoned the elven rulers.   All is nearly lost for the people of N?arth.
Nearly lost, but not completely.   A peasant hero, with tainted ancient bloodlines, has claimed the Sword of the De La N?arth Kings.   This unlikely hero has rallied the remnants of three armies to defend the imperiled nation.   Young Quentin Silverthorn has accepted allegiance from three of the four remaining noble families.  Lord Darian Ambermantle, Lord in Waiting Larkin Wyvernstar, and Feldyn Stoneaxe, emissary of the Myritars, have all recognized Quentin Silverthorn as their rightful King.   The Arkhens have not officially recognized Silverthorn, because their sole surviving heir is but an infant.
Quentin, accompanied by his most trusted companions, Vecklyn O?Ryan, Larkin Wyvernstar, Elizabeth Blackwood, Alleryan Moonbeam, and the indomitable Flea set out to find a cure to the red trillium poison.   After much wearying travel and many hard battles, the group succeeded in their quest.    With the aid of the master herbalist Falkirk, Quentin was able to make an antidote consisting of white trillium and ground ogre?s teeth.  However, this success came with a great loss.   Quentin?s closest companion, Vecklyn O?Ryan, was mortally wounded in a battle against the forces of Ogres Hold.    
Armed with the antidote to the Deltharan poison, Quentin Silverthorn has taken sail with the infamous Pirates of Blackport to rescue the Zyrithian and Shadan Wizards.   Meanwhile Alleryan Moonbeam will attempt to free his compatriots on the Isle of Myritar.  
What fate belies the courageous peasant and his companions?    Will the Pirates of Blackport betray him?   Can he save the wizards before they are defeated by the Deltharites?    The survival of N?arth is dependent upon Silverthorn and his compatriots.    Stay tuned for the next episode of the N?arth Chronicles.
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