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Harrison's Mental Journal

Started by Griznuq, March 26, 2008, 08:41:47 PM

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OOC: This thread is for Harrison's Journal entries. These entries do not exist anywhere in game, so as not to be found,  but they're entries in a journal in Harrison's mind. These are thoughts that he's having starting at the age of 15 - right around the starting point of the campaign.


Perhaps put it in the OCD forum? Just a thought, doesn't matter to me which...HEY! Can I be your conscience in this thread?




In five short, yet so very long years, I have witnessed terrible atrocities. Children beaten for being children, or more accurate, children beaten for not being more than children.  

Somehow, I will see a stop to this. To this end, I'm starting a list. This is the list of people who I will not forget when I finally enact my Justice.

Jonah Arbuckle
My father. He put his faith blindly into this religion and allowed it to break up his family, even though he did not fully believe in it. You, my father, are a coward and a murderer, even if the only death for which you are responsible is that of the man I was once proud to call father - for that man no longer exists.

Headmaster Draven Shanteel
You spoke plainly of my innocense, and yet you carried out a punishment on me that was unjust and equally as unnecessary. You're a coward and a silly puppet. You abuse your power. The striking of a child is never appropriate. For that, you will pay.

Deaconess Myrtle
Your disgusting abuse of your pupils shall be revisited upon you tenfold. Your precous Kaine will not protect you.

This list shall grow, I'm sure.