Author Topic: The first morning on MSI  (Read 3004 times)

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The first morning on MSI
« on: December 20, 2006, 02:48:12 AM »
Garbhan woke and stretched.  He stepped out from his tent and looked around the campsite.  The halfling Mel was speaking with T'Riad, Elberrin, and Erinalia.

"Y'know," Garbhan said slowly, rubbing the back of his neck, "I had the strangest dream.  You were all in it.  We were exploring the island.  We got surrounded by soldiers and we managed to escape -- all of us except for you," Garbhan said, gesturing to T'Riad.  "I hope that this is not a portent of things to come."

Garbhan frowned.  "I also remember that I was some sort of a horseman.  How odd."  He looked up.  "So, who do we report to for our first assignment?  It is our first day here, and I wish to begin early."

And so begins the adventurer's first day on MSI!

(If a dream sequence can work for the television series "Dallas", then it can work for us!)