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« on: January 13, 2006, 10:02:15 AM »
Sorcerers will get a d6 for hit dice.    Thanks Johan!

Furthermore, sorcerers barring some very creative storyline will be required to have either wyvern or dragon bloodlines.   This will have to be worked out with me as the character is made.    This will also add to a lot of potential opportunities for the player who is looking for a unique character to play.

Sorcerers tend to be reclusive.   They are not accepted by mainstream society and they are actively searched for by the Druids of Flaern.   They tend to be very good at assuming everyday lives while hiding their abilities.   Many pose as mercenaries.   Sorcerers are highly valued by the Pirates of Blackport as members of their crew.    One Sorcerer even rose to become the leader of the Pirates for a time...
"My first encounter with a dragon was fortuitous.  I lost my mount, had the chain torn from my chest, and was pinned to the ground by a claw that pierced my leg.   I would limp for the rest of my life, but I never felt more alive...