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A Pleasant Simple Tune
« on: June 05, 2009, 01:07:43 AM »
Submitted for your Approvals... This thread was at some point torn into two threads... I pieced the 4 posts that were divided into the two threads. Is there anything missing?? - mjc

The sun fades behind the dense gray trees that are budding with the onset of the warmer season. The warmer temperature of the day fades with the sinking giver of light. The crooked branches of the trees weave together and seem to become one shadowy wall.

The last few weeks have been somewhat bleak with the situations stacking against this troupe of wanderers. Seemingly lost in a maze of swamp islands and with some of the companions plagued by some feral disease, the spirits of the party are dwindling.

Zurn sees and feels the frustration of his companions. "We be needin' some release.", he mutters to himself. "Something to take da gloom outta this wild place." He looks over to Arlen and says, "Arlen, do ya know any tunes thata could take the sadness from this place? Somethin' that speaks o' heroes with da odds against them? It might do us well to be inspired by their courage an' faith."

"Yes, indeed, friend Zurn! I have endeavored to lift this group's spirits ever since our battle with the Wendigo. Alas! It is, at times, an overwhelming and thankless task. Indeed, I have spent many-a year in the forests south of here, but the atmosphere in this swamp seems particularly overbearing, even to one such as me.

"'Heroes with the odds against them, eh?' Hmmmm..." Arlen rubs his chin as he considers and recalls...

"Well, there's the 'Tale of Sir Edmund vs. the Army of the Dead'. Poor, unfortunate Edmund does overcome much to win the day, yet there is also much tragedy in that tale, so that may not be the wisest choice for lifting spirits...

"Er, Then the there's the Saga of Parthaan. A classic tale, to be sure! And one that I never tire of telling!

"And, of course, there is also the little known tale of Rahani, the infamous rogue who overcame seemingly insurmountable odds in order to steal the gem known as the Cat's Eye from beneath evil Prince Harrahd's palace and set things a-right in the realm again. It is an interesting tale, to be sure, and one that is not always told correctly or accurately!"

"Ah, The Saga of Parthaan thata sounds like'n it be a good one. But, The Tale o' Rahani, yeah, thata sounds like'n it be a good one too! Perhaps ya could be tellin' us both methinks. Be they poems er songs er just stories? Ah, no matta...Any way id be jus' fine! Spin us the tales if'n you would. No one else minds, eh?"