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In Character Discussions / Chalice of the Holy Grail?
« on: January 16, 2010, 04:59:37 PM »
As Dale walked away from the campfire and his conversation with Maccabeus, he started to think over the events of the day.   As he walked, his mind kept coming back to the arachnid's lair.   He just wished that there had been more time to search it for signs of who created it and what it had been used for.   Was there more to the structure that they had not discovered?   The scrolls of arcane spells and the cloak of protection suggest the possibility of the ruin having been occupied by an arcanist.   Could there be clues about Valekai or Sorcer 'Nyx in the arachnid's lair?

Dale stopped in mid stride when he thought about the chalice that Bastion had taken from the lair.   Dale had not truly examined the ornate cup.   Could there be a clue there?  

Dale turned and walked back towards the camp looking for the priest of Sardior.   He hoped he wouldn't find him asleep.   As Dale neared the fire, he spotted Bastion caring for his horse.

Dale approached the priest and greeted him.  "Good evening Bastion.   I was wondering if I might have a word with you?"   Dale stopped on the other side of the horse and patted its head in long strokes along its mane.

In Character Discussions / A Sticky Situation
« on: January 03, 2010, 11:13:11 PM »
After the battle with the strange human like arachnid, Dale and Maccabeus sat around the camp’s fire discussing the magical cloak that was found in the creature’s lair.   Dale had studied the cloak and discovered that it was a cloak of armor.   Once it was identified, both of them desired the cloak very much.    

Maccabeus was worried that the large cloak was too big for him and altering it might destroy its magic.   Dale was certain that the right person could tailor it to fit the little fellow and told him so.   However, Dale knew that he needed the cloak as much, if not more than the gnome.
Maccabeus suggested that they shoot dice for the cloak, winner take all.

Dale agreed and was greatly relieved when he cast his gaming dice for the high score.    Maccabeus was clearly disappointed but he did not complain.

Knowing that this was no mere trinket, Dale dug through his pack and pulled out an ornate wineskin.   The skin was made of a deer bladder, but what made it special were the beautiful carvings of a tree on one side and a long narrow leaf on the other.   Both carvings were etched in bronze.   They were clearly images of the bronze leaf tree from Whispers grove.

“Maccabeus, this is a wineskin that Whisper gave to me.   It contains water from the spring within her home.   I do not know its value, although I imagine that it is not as valuable as the cloak.”   Dale paused as if trying to make up his mind.  

“This skin is dear to me, yet I think that you may find it even more precious.   I would be honored if you would take it in exchange for the cloak.   It seems only fair that you should get something for your efforts today.”

Dale smiled at Maccabeus and extended the skin towards his little friend.

General Info / N'arth 07
« on: June 17, 2007, 08:19:36 AM »
I would love to get a N'arth campaign started this summer. I plan to take a page from Wildfire's notebook and attempt to run each scenario as a one or two evening session. The characters can be switched in and out as players are available.
For a while now, I've wanted to run a campaign in my world based 150 years before my current campaign. Its a very pivotal and intriguing point in the history of N'arth and I would absolutely love to play it! There are a few major points that are written in stone. These major points will happen to keep my overall history consistent, but everything else is free to be written as we play it out. At Wildfire's urging, I've decided to give it a go.

There are a few class and racial changes that go with my world:

Dwarves, gnomes and halflings are extremely rare, but they do exist.

Humans, Elves, and half Elves are the major races with an overwhelming majority being humans.

There are 2 unique races to my world: Vernman and Welverns. They are half breeds with wyverns which in my world are extremely intelligent and can shape change. Vernman are half human and Welverns are half elf.

Any other race probably does not exist, but feel free to run it by me.


There are no barbarians unless you play a human looking half ogre or half orc, which may be heavily persecuted in the realm of N'arth. The Druids of Flaern may even try to kill a half ogre or half orc to glorify their goddess.

Pscionicists I'm working on developing in my world.

Sorcerers are extremely rare, as they are actively hunted by the Zyrithian and Shadan Wizards and occassionally the Druids of Flaern. Their reputation of having dragon blood and their potential power is scary to everyone. If you would like to play one, please do, but have a good disguise and cover story ready if you play a sorcerer.

Druids are modified to be much more militant. See my post on druids.

There is one new class and its an important one to this campaign. It is a Mace of N'arth. A Mace of N'arth is your all purpose cavalier. He or she is a skilled fighter and as he progresses will broaden his skills to possibly include clerical or wizardly magic, thieving/spying skills, or survival skills akin to a ranger. I will draw up a kit and post it shortly.

The Maces of N'arth are an organization of knights formed by King Brennan IV as his personal bodyguard, to counter the growing power of the Zyrithian and Shadan Wizards. They were originally trained to fight magic users and developed highly specialized skills including magic resistance. As time went on the threat from the wizards decreased, but others arose. They became more diversified and acquired new skills and allowed other classes into their ranks including rogues. In short, they became a cross of intelligence gatherers and crack fighting troops.

If you have interest in playing in this campaign, drop me an email. Feel free to ask questions. Again this will be a low pressure/commitment campaign. That way everyone who is interested can get involved when they have time or become less involved when they get busy.

General Info / Northpost
« on: June 16, 2007, 10:54:00 PM »

In Character Discussions / Lost in Thought
« on: June 14, 2007, 09:10:40 PM »

In Character Discussions / Purple Haze
« on: July 23, 2006, 09:12:07 AM »
"Damn I'm glad to get out of that keep!  That purple fog was really startin to get to me.   It smelled worse than that dwarf in the common room back at that inn...... Come to think of it, it didn't tatse too good either and made me almost as nauseous as that Goldleaf brew!"   Dale says this turning to anyone who will listen to him as they leave the keep and head on the trail back to Threshold.   As he walks along the trail, he fights off the desire to go into the woods and purge himself.

Out of Character Discussions / We need to work together in Threshold
« on: February 13, 2006, 02:57:13 PM »
Whether we go into the fort or simply go back to Threshold, we need to work together.   We are so banged up right now and with little resources, that we must stick together.   Sending half the party back to Threshold while the other half explores the fort  is a mistake.   Both groups are very weak and in serious danger of being overcome in a battle.   When I originally posted asking you guys to consider exploring the fort,  I assumed it would be all of us together.   We are not strong enough to divide this way and survive.  ALL FOR ONE AND ONE FOR ALL?

In Character Discussions / Sayer ain't the only scribe!
« on: January 24, 2006, 10:03:06 PM »
Duthash Zinnyas Arkus  (May 10th)

Dale packs up his gear and prepares to leave the common room of the Thornhedge.   As he makes his way towards the door, he looks at the smelly dwarf sleeping late into the morning.  His snoring is thunderous.   Dale shakes his head in disbelief and strides down the stairs.  "His clan must have kicked him out.   If not for the smell, the snore could cause a cave in.....Slob."

Dale strides through the tavern and heads off towards the bronze trees just outside of Threshold.  As he makes his way through town, he mentally checks off all of the things that he will need to scribe his scroll.  He has been in fights an awful lot lately.  Its always a good thing to have an extra spell on hand.   "The bronzewood looks peaceful and secluded.  Hopefully I can write this thing without being disturbed or discovered.  Besides Xorn hasn't been able to stretch his legs in a long time."

House Rules / Natural Healing
« on: January 13, 2006, 02:10:46 PM »
Another good idea from Johan:

Untended wounds will heal at a rate of CN bonus per night. Tended by the Heal skill will heal as follows:

Success: 1+ CN bonus per night (Heal check made each day)

Critical Success: 2+ CN bonus per night (Heal check made each day)

See the defenition of a Critical Success for a skill roll in the Critical Dice Rolls post.

A character may benefit from natural healing and treatment from someone with the healing skill  (PHB p.75)during the same night.   First aid if the character is unconsciuos and natural healing may also be combined.  Spiritual, herbal or magical means may be combined with natural healing.   All healing is good!

House Rules / Critical Dice Rolls
« on: January 13, 2006, 01:53:07 PM »
Thanks to Wildfire and Johan for some great additions to our House Rules options:

Critical Hits:
Per the D&D rules a critical hit is a natural roll within the threat range and then another successive hit. I'm going to add that each successive hit within the threat range adds another die of damage.

example: Miranda is using a scimitar in a scrape with an Ogre. It's critical threat range is 18-20/x2. She hits with a natural 19. She follows up to see if it's a critical and rolls an 18. Normally the critical would end there. However, in my game it will continue on. So the next roll she gets is a 20. Miranda is happy and will roll to hit again. She rolls a 16 ending her critical spree. So, in total the damge that she would deal would be x3 (x2 for the initial crit roll, x3 for the roll of 20; the roll of 16 was out of her threat range for another critical. Only hits within the threat range can add another die to the damage).

Critical Miss:
So as has been done in the past, with acceptance I might add, is that a roll of a 1 poses a threat to a critical miss. A successive miss means a reduction of 4 to one's initiative for the following round. I would like to add that each successive miss will pose an additional reduction of 4 to initiative. Going into negative on initiative means losing the weapon giving the opponent an attack of opportunity (this is to reflect the fumbling nature that a critical miss puts a character into). The weaponless individual can then draw another weapon the following round at the expense of a move action.

Critical Success: if you roll a natural 20 on any given skill, you roll again. If that second roll would be a successful one, then you have garnered a critical success. If that second roll would not be a successful one, then you now have a Success.

A Critical Success on a Heal check is additional healing that occurs. A critical opposed skill check adds 2 to your opponent's DC (for instance if you're hiding (skill modifier = 5), and roll a critical success, your oponent's spot DC is going to be 27, or 2 above the modified 25 that you rolled).

Critical Failure: if you roll a natural 1 on any given skill, you roll again. If that second roll would be a successful one, then you have garnered a Failure. If that second roll would not be a successful one, then you now have a Critical Failure

A Critical Failure on a Heal check is reduced healing that ocurrs (instead of 1+ CN bonus in the event of a success, it is now CN bonus -1 - you actually did damage to your patient).

Critical Failures for other skill rolls will be handled on an as-needed basis. Rest assured that something bad will happen.

Game Log / Hit Points
« on: January 13, 2006, 10:08:49 AM »
..."the MSI GM is a hard arse, he makes you roll 2 of the class hit dice and you get to keep the highest roll.

What a bastard!"

I had toyed with the idea of sticking with the conventional rules and making everyone roll for their hit points, but I think the above quote is ample evidence of what an unpopular idea that is.   Therefore, max hit points for all!! :wink:

House Rules / Sorcerers
« on: January 13, 2006, 10:02:15 AM »
Sorcerers will get a d6 for hit dice.    Thanks Johan!

Furthermore, sorcerers barring some very creative storyline will be required to have either wyvern or dragon bloodlines.   This will have to be worked out with me as the character is made.    This will also add to a lot of potential opportunities for the player who is looking for a unique character to play.

Sorcerers tend to be reclusive.   They are not accepted by mainstream society and they are actively searched for by the Druids of Flaern.   They tend to be very good at assuming everyday lives while hiding their abilities.   Many pose as mercenaries.   Sorcerers are highly valued by the Pirates of Blackport as members of their crew.    One Sorcerer even rose to become the leader of the Pirates for a time...

House Rules / The Human Advantage
« on: January 13, 2006, 08:56:53 AM »
1.   Quoting Wildfire, "Humans in my Campaign World will not suffer the point penalty of Cross-Class skills. In other words humans will not pay double the skill points for skills that aren't allowed by their class.

Anyone who has a human in my Campaign right now that has taken cross-class skills please feel free to make the proper adjustments."

2.   N'arth is predominantly populated by humans.   Therefore, they get a +2 bonus to the following skills: Diplomacy, Disguise, and Gather Info.   Its assumed that all of these skills get the bonus while dealing with humans on N'arth.   A human trying to gather info amongst the Ogre's will not get that benefit.   The disguise check applies if the human is trying to disguise himself as a human.   Likewise diplomacy checks will only be granted the +2 when dealing with other humans.

In Character Discussions / Hangover
« on: December 20, 2005, 03:32:47 PM »
Duthash Zinnyas Fehy [May 8th]: Morning

"HUUUUUUGGHHHHH"  a few ragged gasps at air.


Although vomiting on the smelly dwarf felt rather vindicating, the dry heaves that followed were not so glorious.

"Oh Paladine, have mercy on my soul.   Taakhisis take me now.   Where's Severen when I need to be stabbed in the back....   HUUGGGHHHHH!"

Dale's only thought was that he'd rathr die than suffer through this hell any longer.   What was in that drink anyway?   It was only one small glass!!

The last of this wave of heaves seemed to be over.   Dale leaned his head on the privy in relief, not caring that his face was in his own vomit and who knows what else from so many others..."I hope that was the end of it.!"   He wearily fell asleep

In Character Discussions / Temple of the Lost
« on: December 18, 2005, 10:21:49 PM »
As the beat up party enters the Zyrithian Temple, they see a large sanctuary that is enshrouded in dust.   Their booted footsteps echo and reverberate endlessly.  

Looking straight ahead, the party can't help but notice the remains of an altar, formerly devoted to Azyrith.   Above the altar is a large stained glass window, remarkably intact.  

The scene depicted in the stained glass is of Azyrith with his armored boot on the chest of Karthos, the former god of fire, taking his Essence.  The sunlight streaming through the western facing window highlights the silver and maroon bolt of power that is emanating from Karthos and flowing towards Azyrith.   It seems as if the combatants are alive, eternally trapped within the glass, acting out Azyrith's greatest triumph in perpetuity.

Awestruck by the beauty and power of the window, the party can't help but feel the presence of greatness within the temple.   As they stare at the stained glass, they hear the sound of stone sliding on stone.   Soon they notice the altar begin to move to the side.

As the party scrambles for cover, they notice a small human like figure, seemingly rise from the floor where the altar once stood.   As the mysterious figure reaches the top of the staircase, it turns to face the adventurers.   "Long have we awaited your presence, son of Brendan."  The voice is raspy and not much louder than a whisper, but it is distinctly female.   "It has been foretold that you would seek the path through darkness to find the light....

"Come, you and your friends need assistance.   We shall aid you..."

At that moment, the companions notice many more figures surrounding them.  These beings are all of diminutive stature, wearing rags and random pieces of armor, that look to be hundreds of years old.   Many have cloaks with deep cowels, a few wear ancient helmets, others have their faces wrapped in veils, but none of them show their faces.

In a non threatening way, the little people herd the party towards the altar and the woman standing in front of it.

Despite her tiny size, the woman carries herself with the bearing of a great one.   She looks at Quinton and says, "My name is Elsyra.  I am the Great Mother of these people.   What is your name, son of Brendan?"

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