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04.17.2127 - Headmaster's Anger

Started by Dray, March 23, 2008, 08:55:42 AM

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haha, That's what I figured.

You're up Dray.


"Arbuckle, you can be cute with me all you like, but I think you know what she looked like upon her attempted departure from this building," he sighed with a manner of a patient teacher.

He rubbed his bald head again with his hand.

"Deaconess Myrtle, the girls keeper came to me upon not finding the young woman at the entry at the time promised. When we came in from the cold rain and found the girl rushing to the door, to say that we were stunned by her appearance would be describing it mildly," he stood up and leaned over the desk, his fingertips knuckles turning white, supporting his weight.

"A daughter of a priest from the Temple of Kaine, a ten year old, with nothing but a boys robe on running through the corridors," he had almost yelled her family station but had whispered the rest of the sentence, but no matter what the volume, his anger was now coming through.


Harrison started to understand the nature of this visit. Someone had the wrong idea here.

"Her robe got barffed on, and she was in a hurry... I went to the linen closet and grabbed the first robe I saw that looked like her size," he reiterated.

He got the feeling in his gut that he was somehow suspected of something bad. He hated to think someone thought ill of him, especially when it was based on inaccuracies.

Gosh, what do they think happened? he wondered.

He silently thanked whatever god might be listening that he'd thought to stay behind and get a new robe, rather than show up with her in his shorts.

"Headmaster, I'm not trying to be cute, I really didn't do anything wrong," he said honestly, shrinking a bit in his chair.

He didn't know what exactly it was that he was in trouble for, he hoped his statement covered anything it might be.


The Headmaster didn't relax from his stance, and he looked like he could jump the desk and be on Harrison in a tick if he so chose too. Finally, he settled back into an upright position and crossed his arms, one hand going to his bare chin as he looked upon the boy and wondered.

The silence pressed for what felt like two turns.

"Arbuckle, you are under the impression that the truth, or at least how you define it, is what matters here. I am here to tell you that it does not," the Headmaster now started to slowly walk around the desk. Upon reach the boy, he settled his posterior on it and leaned his torso forward and a bit menacingly over the boy who seemed to be sliding off his chair.

"For you see, the only perspective that matters here is of the Deaconess, not yours and not the girls. And although your story certainly makes more sense than that wretched hags, it is I who has to tidy things up. So...." he stopped his speech and leaned so far over Harrisons chair that he had to balance his weight on the arms with both arms.

"Whose side do you propose I be on, a ten year old boys, or, an enraged  Deaconess watching over the innocent daughter of a priest?" he asked in another whisper only a foot from the boys ear.

Although the entire speech was almost cordial in its tone, it was delivered with a promise of hurt.


How could the truth not matter to someone? Harrison wondered briefly. He didn't have time to think on it too much, as he suspected it was irrelevant.

Harrison could tell that the Headmaster was in quite a pickle now because of the whole ordeal, even though it was all just a misunderstanding. Harrison felt partly responsible, and actually felt badly for the Headmaster.

Harrison had no idea what the common punishment was for something like this. As a kid, he was punished his fair share, but going to bed without a meal didn't seem to fit the bill, judging by how angry the Headmaster was.

Harrison shrugged.

"We can't just explain that everything's ok?" he asked hopelessly.


The Headmaster spoke slowly, "no I am sorry Harrison, we can't just explain. Sometimes in this city, that isn't enough."

With that, the Headmaster without warning hefted up the boy by the front of his shirt and tossed him across the room and into a bookcase.


Harrison woke up in his bed, with no idea on how he got there. He felt like he had been lieing in the bed for a long time. His blinking eyes in the darkness were the only things he dared to move, for he sensed all was not quite right with him physically.

Sure enough, as he reached consciousness he felt the dull ache within his back and on a spot just above his breastbone.

As the event came to him, he could here the other boys snoring and sleeping in their beds close bye. He didn't doubt that the day had come and gone with him here.


Lying in his bed, staring at the darkness, Harrison quietly cast a quick spell to heal himself (OOC: Cure Light Wounds)

"Sometimes in this city, that isn't enough." Harrison whispered to himself. A very true statement, apparently.

What to do now, Harrison wondered. He wasn't sleepy any more. Somewhere down the line, Harrison would even that little score... He just wasn't certain how.

Oh yes, mister Shanteel, your day will come. (OOC: further motivation for Harrison to have taken the Trickery, Death and Knowledge domains.)

Harrison forced the bully from his thoughts, and replaced them with the soft cinnamon smell he remembered. My Emmanuelle, he thought to himself. He grinned a little at the sound of that.

Harrison spent the next couple hours lying in bed replaying a new version of what happened in that office; a version that ended with the Headmaster pleading for Harrison not to hit him again, and apologizing profusely for having made that comment about Harrison's Emmanuelle being "furture mate material".


Just before dusk would start to illuminate the sky, a small tapping occurred at the window, Harrison smiled at the familiar noise.