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- Pippen accused of getting drunk and feeling Merry
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Lots of Questions

Started by Griznuq, February 29, 2008, 07:46:52 AM

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How is Aclohol viewed in OC?

Do parents sip wine with dinner? What's the legal drinking age? Do the clergy use wine in their services? Are there breweries or is it something that families make for themselves in their back yards?

Same questions regarding Tobbacco.

Are there sports teams? Are they for just kids like little league and pop warner, or are there actually professional sprotsmen? Are they organized like baseball and football or are they just shows of prowess like long jumps and pole vaults?

Sorry if you've already answered these questions...


Alcohol is accepted, enjoyed and tolerated as much as it would be in any major metropolis. Drunken and disorderly conduct is not.

It is interesting to note that not many have a drinking problem, due to the constant fear of invasion.

Wine is acceptable at dinner, it is very common for many to have a drink or two at dinner. Beer is also common.

Tobacco is illegal. It has a small presence in the black market, but never took off as a common practice.

No sports teams. There are organized military competitions amongst the students on a frequent basis every non-Winter season. In this world, the children are the stars.