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N'arth 07

Started by Blackspear, June 17, 2007, 08:19:36 AM

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I would love to get a N'arth campaign started this summer. I plan to take a page from Wildfire's notebook and attempt to run each scenario as a one or two evening session. The characters can be switched in and out as players are available.
For a while now, I've wanted to run a campaign in my world based 150 years before my current campaign. Its a very pivotal and intriguing point in the history of N'arth and I would absolutely love to play it! There are a few major points that are written in stone. These major points will happen to keep my overall history consistent, but everything else is free to be written as we play it out. At Wildfire's urging, I've decided to give it a go.

There are a few class and racial changes that go with my world:

Dwarves, gnomes and halflings are extremely rare, but they do exist.

Humans, Elves, and half Elves are the major races with an overwhelming majority being humans.

There are 2 unique races to my world: Vernman and Welverns. They are half breeds with wyverns which in my world are extremely intelligent and can shape change. Vernman are half human and Welverns are half elf.

Any other race probably does not exist, but feel free to run it by me.


There are no barbarians unless you play a human looking half ogre or half orc, which may be heavily persecuted in the realm of N'arth. The Druids of Flaern may even try to kill a half ogre or half orc to glorify their goddess.

Pscionicists I'm working on developing in my world.

Sorcerers are extremely rare, as they are actively hunted by the Zyrithian and Shadan Wizards and occassionally the Druids of Flaern. Their reputation of having dragon blood and their potential power is scary to everyone. If you would like to play one, please do, but have a good disguise and cover story ready if you play a sorcerer.

Druids are modified to be much more militant. See my post on druids.

There is one new class and its an important one to this campaign. It is a Mace of N'arth. A Mace of N'arth is your all purpose cavalier. He or she is a skilled fighter and as he progresses will broaden his skills to possibly include clerical or wizardly magic, thieving/spying skills, or survival skills akin to a ranger. I will draw up a kit and post it shortly.

The Maces of N'arth are an organization of knights formed by King Brennan IV as his personal bodyguard, to counter the growing power of the Zyrithian and Shadan Wizards. They were originally trained to fight magic users and developed highly specialized skills including magic resistance. As time went on the threat from the wizards decreased, but others arose. They became more diversified and acquired new skills and allowed other classes into their ranks including rogues. In short, they became a cross of intelligence gatherers and crack fighting troops.

If you have interest in playing in this campaign, drop me an email. Feel free to ask questions. Again this will be a low pressure/commitment campaign. That way everyone who is interested can get involved when they have time or become less involved when they get busy.
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