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Hit point HELL

Started by Phineas, February 19, 2006, 01:12:38 PM

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So, Garbh?n leveled up, and I am reminded why I hate rolling hit points for a character.

Following Dray's rules, I rolled 2d10, taking the better result.  I was hopeful for rolling well.

I rolled a 4, and a 1.

Remembering the compassion that Dray demonstrated when Johan rolled a 1 as part of his hit point leveling, I rerolled my 1...

...and was left with a 2.

So, at third level, my best roll was a gain of four additional hit points, plus my CON bonus.  It's not a terrible gain, but it's not a satisfying gain either.



This is the best news that I've gotten all day...seriously :roll:

One should never underestimate the stimulation of eccentricity


After reviewing this morning the EPIC content I am slowing infusing within the MSI storyline, I have changed my mind.

All characters please give yourself maximum hit points for your current level.

At 10th level, we will start rolling again.

(No this is not a joke, nor should it be considered good news.  :twisted: )


Quote from: DrayI here your plea for help
Perhaps I wasn't clear: I was not pleaing for help; I was complaining.



I here your plea for help, I don't understand it, since you will all die a horrible death no matter what your hit points, but I hear it.

For everyone who has ever had such pitiful dice rolls (on hit points) I will allow the following.

Roll two of your hit dice and take the best:
Reroll 1's.
If you are still disatisfied with the result, reroll that one (the highest die) over, and take whatever it gives you as the final result.

For Example:


Phineas rolls a 4 and a 1. Rerolls the 1 and gets a 2. (Damnit!)
Phineas takes a chance and rerolls the 4, and gets a 7 (Whew, better).


Phineas rolls a 4 and a 1. Rerolls the 1 and gets a 2. (Damnit!)
Phineas takes a chance and rerolls the 4, and gets another 1.
Phineas looks for a rusty knife for Dray.

Note: None of the creatures you have faught (thus far) have had full points.