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Deities of N'arth

Started by Blackspear, March 26, 2005, 02:23:55 AM

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This is my pantheon in present day N'arth.   There are some holes in it if you look carefully.   This is intentional.   Power struggles over the years have caused various deities to die or disappear.   Sometimes their portfolios were picked up by other gods.   Sometimes not.   Example: Azyrith is the god of War and Fire.   He killed Karthos (Karos' twin), god of fire and took his portfolio and domain.
Other gods have lost followers over the years and have gone into hiding to protect themselves from their adversarial brethren.

Their alignment shows their primary disposition and their tendency in parenthisis.   Characters need not have exactly the same alignment, but they should not be diametrically opposed to their deities' primary disposition.

Sorry for how messy the chart came out.   I had some difficulties posting it. :oops:


Deities of N'arth

Deity:      Shada                     
Alignment:   Good (Lawful)         
Portfolio:   Peace & Prosperity         
Domains:   Good, Law, Strength, Protection, Heal         
Weapon:   Heavy Shield or Long Sword               

Deity:      Flaern         
Alignment:   Neutral (Chaotic)   
Portfolio:   Nature & Life                     
Domains:   Air, Animal, Earth, Fire, Healing, Plant, Sun, Water
Weapon:   Quarterstaff or    Falchion      

Deity:       Delthara
Alignment:   Evil (Neutral)
Portfolio:   Death & Destruction
Domains:   Evil, Destruction, Death, War, Trickery
Weapon:   Battle Axe or Long Dagger (short sword)

Deity:       Azyrith
Alignment:   Neutral (chaotic)
Portfolio:    War & Fire
Domains:    War, Fire, Strength, Destruction, Chaos
Weapon:    Great Sword or Long Spear

Deity:       Karos
Alignment:    Neutral
Portfolio:    Sea
Domains:    Water, Healing, Destruction, Luck
Weapon:    Trident or Net
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