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Session 2A - The Hunter's Cabin

Started by Dray, May 14, 2008, 11:24:17 PM

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GAME SESSION 2A - The Hunter's Cabin

Xavier - Chassic

Non-Player Characters:
Jared Lightwell
River Quintell

Note: This is a continuation of the 04.20.2132 - Southaven thread.


Xavier and Jared were dropped off by Mr. Church in the Southaven. The two boys made their way first to the End of the World Inn at the heart of the city, figuring they may need to secure a room for the night prior to looking for Jared's dead-beat and drunken father.

Upon arriving at the Inn, they found that the price at 10sp a night would be too steep and decided to forgo the accommodations.

With Xavier prompting Jared's pent-up emotions about his Dad, they made their way to the southern section of the city where Jared once lived with his Mom and Dad. Mr. Pratt, a very wealthy man in Southaven, had years ago taken the liberty to transform the upper level of his dozens of warehouses into apartments. Many of his grateful employees then rented the affordable accommodations.

(For those who may not remember. Two years ago, Jared's father betrayed his wife and other resistance members, turning a whole group of them in to Southaven authorities. At the time he was an incredible drunk and disowned his son. With his wife in jail, Jared was subsequently placed in the orphanage).

When they arrived at Jared's old place they knocked on the door to the apartment and had no idea what to expect, or if he even still lived there. What they discovered was more shocking than they even expected.

A comely woman in her mid-20s answered the door and upon seeing Jared immediately recognized him, for Jared naturally looks a lot like her new husband[/i].

Xavier and Jared spent some time there, sitting at her dining room table that morning, and the shocked Jared learned a good deal of what had occurred the past two years. His father Larry had stopped drinking almost immediately after his old wife went to jail. Staying sober, he was able to maintain his job on Pratt farm where he met Linda, who would become his new wife. They married a year ago and had their first baby, Lisa, a month ago.

Jared did not take all the lovely news of his father's new life very well. He was indeed very angry with him.

Unfortunately, his Dad wasn't there to hear it.

Linda, his new step mom, asked the two boys if they would return on the 'morrow, as Larry was expected to come back from a hunting trip with his friend Allen. They agreed and before they could go, she gave them enough silver to spend the night at the Inn and enjoy a nice supper.

They departed. With an unexpected amount of time to kill in the afternoon, Jared took Xavier down to Merchant's Pond in the center of the city to do some fishing. They caught about 10 fish and sold them at the market for 20 copper.

Making their way back to the End of the World Inn, they secured a room and had a fantastic supper. Jared retired a bit early in order to take a shower and wash his clothes, a noted uncharacteristic concern for him.

Xavier enjoyed the festive spirits of the soldiers who came into the tavern and danced with a couple of the female variety. A big kid, Xavier was welcomed by them and had a good time simply enjoying the night.

When Xavier finally retired he found Jared awake, in his nightshirt and playing with his chemistry set on his bed.

They talked for a bit and went to sleep.

A few hands later, Xavier received a tap on his shoulder, rousing him from his sleep. River had snuck into the room and awakened them. He confronted them with the story he had heard, that they were marching south to go Karh'Thul hunting. He then proceed to tell them how crazy of an idea that would be.

Xavier, with the nervous Jared looking on, half-convinced River that they were actually there to confront Jared's Dad. He then proceeded to tell River all that they had learned that day about him.

River couldn't in clear conscience stop the boys from their current task and decided to return with them to the Lightwell's residence the next day.

*   *   *

The next morning the three boys again found themselves without much to do, having promised to return to the Lightwells at supper after Larry was expected home after his trip.

So the boys went fishing again, and stayed at it all day. Xavier and River talking about hunting and the woodlands for a fair portion of the day.

That evening, when they returned to Jared's old home, they were again surprised at the turn of events. Only Allen had come back from the buddy-pair's hunting trip, claiming that his friend Larry had gone missing.

Xavier and River, hunters both, immediately volunteered to depart right then and there to go searching for the man.

That night, they walked north-by-northeast along the country rode until slow-day of fishing finally caught up with them. During the night, River had introduced his companion, the warhorse named Silver, who stuck to the woods during their journey since the three boys couldn't rider her anyway. Jared also introduced his companion, Night, his crow.

The night along the merchant road went bye without incident.

The next day they found themselves off the road as River new some trails that would take them to the Northeast Hunting Lands that they expected to find Larry in. Walking along a five-mile ridge they made a discovery of a different kind however. The once impassable ridge had been washed out by the heavy rain a few nights prior. River, a consummate Ranger and hunter, couldn't contain his enthusiasm at exploring a new land, and the attitude quickly infected the like-minded Xavier. They quickly changed course to the east and through the pass.

Along the depressions northern ridge they headed east, as they did so they discovered an old hunter's cabin on a flat-topped hill. It was so concealed by the thick forest and underbrush they almost passed it.

Adventurer exploring teenagers never pass up a chance to peek into old shacks, so up they went.

Upon touching the door to the 15-foot square building, it collapsed into a moldy pile. The weather over the ages had pretty much destroyed the entire shack. There was an old footlocker, a bed, a pot-bellied cast-iron stove and a shower head with a collection grate on the floor.

Upon examining the pot-bellied stove, Xavier noticed that it had a pipe coming up to it from the floor and quickly surmised that their must be some kind of basement in the place. Jared soon found the entrance as he stood on the shower grate in the floor which had quite a breeze coming up through it.

Xavier and River moved the grate and one after another they climbed down the shaft with a rope that River had brought. With a lantern in his shield hand and his sword in the other, the three boys proceeded down a rough-hewn corridor that was only about 20 feet into the ground.

Upon reaching a room they discovered that they were indeed in some kind of underground complex, as there were another doors beyond the entry they came in. But before they could investigate it, they had to deal with the animated candelabra that was throwing glass globes at them from a stone table.

This predicament was not only bizarre but frightening to Xavier who was hit by the first glass globe. As he had just two days prior been given lesson about how acid and alchemist fire flasks were glass globes.

As it turned out though, the magical candelabra didn't realize it was throwing ancient glass globes with nothing but dried sand in them, remnants of what was once lethal.

The three boys tangled with the candelabra, and although it didn't seem able to hurt them with its glass globes, they weren't able to hurt it either no matter how hard they swung their weapons. A few good swings only scratched the thing's surface.

Then, all at once, River grappled the swinging metal and clung it tightly to him. Pulling soot out of his belt pouch and incanting divine magic, he burst into flames, melting the candelabra in his gauntleted hands.

Nothing of value was found in the room. The remnants of an alchemy lab that had been scattered from the stone table during the fight was too old and rusted to of any use.

Moving on to and through the next door they discovered another similar room after traversing another short corridor. This room had massive tree trunks coming from the ceiling and into the adjacent walls and the very floor of the room. Another pot-bellied-cast-iron stove was in the room, it's pipe going into the ceiling and most likely up to the cabin's stove above.

Making their way around the thick trunks they walked over to one of the two doors on the opposite side of the room.

Xavier heard a clicking hiss and turned around just in time to see a 5-foot long centipede clinging to one of the roots, it's head reared up towards the ceiling and ready to strike him.

This was the end of the night for this particular session, we later reconveined and continued the fun with Game Session 2B - Chemical Hill