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01.02.2133 - Xavier Wakes to the Game

Started by Chassic, November 21, 2008, 11:22:25 PM

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(OOG: Yeah, I don't know if this is gonna be 4E or 3.5E. Either way Xavier is NOT terribly insightful. He's all physical stats. Int, Wis, and Chr are all "dump stats" for him (I know, he seems like such a charming intellectual). So I'm just gonna roll this here 20-sided and call it even.

Oh shit! It's a 19! Let's just assume that the guy in line in front of him pointed something out.)


OOG: Okay FIRST...

Griznuq, keep your panties on, we aren't going to convert the whole campaign to 4e and throw it all out of whack. I only asked Chassic to make Xavier 4e because he has forgotten far more about 3.5e than he has learned about 4e.

Also, since this is currently more of a writing campaign with table sessions performed on a "as needed" basis, it really doesn't matter (to me) what version each player might be in.


Chassic, as you know, 19 don't mean squat in 4e, your Insight roll is going against the Bluff roll of the best actress of her age. So please post without the knowledge that Jena is (and is about to) totally deceive the oblivious Xavier.

But by that let me explain. Her blush is fake, Xavier doesn't pick up on that. She may later feign lust, but actually be repelled, and Xavier doesn't pick up on that. ETC, etc, etc..."rinse and repeat".


(OOG: I wasn't expecting a 19 to beat her Bluff. I was just surprised that the roll was high enough to have that possibility. Not that it would much matter with Xavier. He'd be just as likely to talk himself out of believing she was bluffing if he though he could get a piece.)

"Can't say I've seen the outfit," replied Xavier. He took a step to the side and looked her up and down. "But if you've got it handy I would appreciate a private viewing. Maybe I could help you practice a few scenes later?"


"Perhaps, how good of an actor are you?" she asked. The line behind Xavier finally moved and it was his turn to get on the wagon.


"You tell me," replied Xavier with a shrug. "Did it seem like I was actually interested in practicing a few scenes with you?"

Xavier turned away from Jena and started to climb into the wagon.


[color=##00ff00](OOG: pfft.)[/color]

Xavier climbed aboard the wagon. The interior was 12 feet by 6 feet and had two levels, with 6 seats on each side of the wagon at each level (24 seats total). Nothing but a few planks of wood separated the top from the bottom tier. Snow, water, and mud dripped from the top tier down upon the heads of those sitting at the bottom.

Xavier didn't have to be smart to realize that these were going to be very tight quarters for the many-hour journey.

There were only three seats left, on the lower tier to the right. The seat which etiquette beckoned him to sit in was directly in the middle and right next to the small chemical stove that kept the wagon warm. 'I will become a ball of sweat in about a half-hand!' Xavier thought crossly. Xavier, being Xavier, decided to sit instead in the seat closest to the back entrance. And as an added bonus, it was directly underneath a mousy blonde girl named Amy Reynolds. He couldn't recall what school she was in.

Jena Mistone climbed aboard directly behind him. She appeared to have no qualms about needing to brush her entire body against him in order to claim the open seat directly to his right.


Xavier is not the brightest of men. He has come to accept this fact. Hell, he has come to revel in it. However, even he could figure Jena's game. How could someone be such a blatant slut, attract the attention of the government to the point at which she was taken away for a time, and still be allowed to walk free? 'Government agent,' thought Xavier! 'Jena Mistone is a government agent sent out to entrap boys that the government wants to employ fighting thul.'

'It just makes sense,' thought Xavier to himself. 'The government must have become aware of my combat skills and now they want me .. no, need me to fight for them.' Xavier was distracted for a moment by Jena's leg rubbing against his as she tried to get comfortable in the cramped quarters. He looked to her and smiled. She shared a sly smile with him. Xavier noticed that Jena had already started to glisten from the heat of the stove. A single drop began to form between her breasts. 'Oh, I would love to stick my face right between those and ...,' he thought. Xavier leaned in a bit closer to Jena. 'No! No, no, no, no!,' Xavier caught himself. 'Government agent! Government agent. Hot, sexy, government agent. Must not touch!' Xavier sighed and looked around the caravan. He needed something to distract him from Jena.

Xavier's gaze wandered upward. He caught a good look at Amy just as she readjusted herself. Xavier sighed, 'This is going to be a long matin' trip!'


As Jena rested the side of her head on Xavier's shoulder, Ronald muscled his way over from the front of the wagon to forcefully switch seats with the kid sitting across from Xavier. He raised his eyebrows and smiled slyly over at them.

'He's expecting a show,' Xavier discovered.

The doors to the back of the wagon were closed by the soldiers.

His pleasant words for the thug were interrupted by Jena's hand cupping the left side of his face. She pulled his face down into hers and he made to kiss her. Just before their lips touched she caught his chin between her thumb and forefinger and turned his head so she could whisper in his ear.

"They're watching you," she whispered in Xavier's ear.


(OOG: Just a minor adjustment to the previous post. Xavier would NEVER actually kiss Jena or make any unnecessary physical contact with her (or anyone) in such a public area. Further, since he has convinced himself that Jena is a "Government Agent" out to get him, he would not indulge himself of her goodies. Although, he is looking forward to her attempt at seducing him.)

"I know they're watching me, babe," Xavier whispered back. "Everybody's watching me." Xavier winked at her. "Now get your damn hand off my face before you get me arrested."


Jena didn't flinch, her hand staying on his face as she continued to whisper, "do you honestly think any of these griznuqs would actually report either of us if I kissed you? Please, they wouldn't dare, everyone knows your reputation." She took his hand off his face and backed hers away from his. She sat back and neither waited for his reply or offered any further comment.

Turns went bye and the wagon finally began to move. It was already hot in here and most of the boys removed their leather jerkins, their white school shirts underneath already wet with warm sweat. The three girls, Amy above him, Jena beside him and some big-nosed girl in the corner kept theirs on.


Like the other boys, Xavier stood and stripped his shirt off to reveal his well muscled form. Xavier looked to Jena. "Mmm, is it me or did it just get hotter in here?" He ever so subtly flexed his abs in front of Jena's face and pat them down with his shirt. "Oh, I'm sorry. You look distracted. Are you distracted by all this heat?"

Xavier had no intention of actually seducing Jena. He knew she was trying to set him up to be arrested. However, Xavier did want to see how far she would take this. He might not be able to actually have her, but he'd like to see how far he could get her to go.


Jena had taken a look at his chest and then after meeting Xavier's gaze, blushed (again) and looked away. A moment later her hands raised up to her neck and she quickly unbuttoned her blouse. Unceremoniously she threw it on the pile of shirts near the heating pot at the wagon center.

"Now that's what I am talking about," said Ronald across from them. Jena was voluptuous for her age, her school-issued bra was tight about her chest.

Jena responded to him, "Why they don't segregate the girls from the boys on these trips is beyond me."

The third (and only other) girl in the wagon was sitting on the top tier of the opposite front corner. She had red hair like Renee's, but that is where any resemblance ended; for this girl had a big nose and really wide, manly shoulders. She said, "I've heard that it's part of the test of the WarGames. The military wants to see if we can behave in close quarters."


"Behave in close quarters? Well, good thing we have Jena here," remarked Xavier. "She knows how to behave in close quarters. At least that is what I hear. I have not had the pleasure." Xavier glances over at Jena, "Not yet!"


"The pleasure not with me, but with many others is what I have heard," Jena immediately replied. Her face was still flush and her eyes hinted of challenge.

All the other students held their breath, waiting for Xavier to respond.


"Well, if we are to compare numbers then I am sure that you have me beat," replied Xavier with a smile. "But you know how these people are, Jena. A couple of unbelievably attractive people like us, we are going to attract attention no matter where we go. People are going to want to be with us. Even if we deny them, they are still going to tell everyone that we let them have their way with us." Xavier gestured to the seat above him. "Isn't that right, Amy?"