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Jena Mistone
« on: July 12, 2008, 09:37:43 PM »
NAME: Jena Mistone
AGE: 15
BIRTHDATE: 02.14.2117
HOUSE: The Actors

ATTRIBUTES: Jena is a brown-haired, brown eyed pretty girl who has an incredibly alluring physique and charisma to match, and the girl knows it. She is very flirtatious and knows how to direct attention her way with a coy quip or attractive laugh.

APPEARANCE: When not in school, Jena tends to wear tight clothing that shows off her voluptuous but muscular form. She has actually been arrested for some of the clothes she has worn on the streets in the summer time, and then sent back to the orphanage to change after a “slap on the wrist“.


“The Slut”

    Her reputation started when she was caught by a student (no one knows specifically who) giving Headmaster Shanteel a hand job when she was thirteen. Since then, Jena hasn’t denied or confirmed the event, nor has she done anything to diminish her title as “the slut”.

    *Jena has had many boyfriends since the event with Shanteel, the unofficial count being 18. Of these boys, many have claimed to fellow classmates that they have had sex with the girl. The rumor of the girls promiscuity made it to the Truancy Office, and they got involved six months ago. After an investigation of the girl, and her allegedly lucky boyfriends,  neither Jena or any of these boys have been arrested or prosecuted. Even after the girl was ordered to be examined and questioned by the Quintescant. This made the more mature and reasonable students and teachers of the school wonder to the complete truth of her reputation.

    *Jena is one of a few denied recruits in the Whisper Guild. She was interviewed at age 11 by Renee’s predecessor Michael Banks. She answered the questions correctly and did indicate having abilities, specifically psionic, but refused to join the group, wanting to go at it alone.

    *Jena is in the Actors house, and is already making a name for herself in both school and on the stage. She is an up-and-coming actress in the Theater District, having starred in many professional performances in the Summer seasons since she was 10.

    *Despite being the Actors house, Jena uses her elective slots in her schedule for more gym class whenever she can. The girl has therefore become one of the best warriors outside of the Protectors House, and the teachers in the two prospective houses always debate on where she best belongs.


Jena has no parents, they both were life-time military soldiers of the Outer-Rim Defense and died during a Kar’Tharta when she was two. She resides in the orphanage during the summer season, preferring that over staying with “acting friends” who live in ShantyTown.