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12.27.2132 - A New Cell

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Temmit waited for Renee and Leslie to disappear into the catacombs that would lead them back to Renee's secret chamber, Whisper's storage closet, and would eventually return Leslie safe and sound. Once the dark had swallowed his two best friends, Temmit pulled the lever that lowered the granite block from the cieling, blocking the corridor that led into Whisper's new cell.

The block ground it's way into place with an ominous finality.  “I hope that Leslie will be safe from here on out.” He remarked to Smokey.

“She’s with Renee.” Smokey pointed out. “How much more safe can she be?”

“Good point.” Temmit conceded.

“Who’s going to protect you, though?”

Temmit grasped that point very quickly. He was now completely alone in Whisper’s new cell, with Damien Starke. A moment of fear and panic splashed upon his chest, but his intellect quickly reasserted itself. Damien was unconscious, and would remain so for at least the next day.

“Or so you believe. Renee is no doctor, you know.”

Damien was also well tied up.

“But which of you is really any good with a rope?”

He was blindfolded and gagged as well.

“But again…”


For a moment, there was silence in Temmit’s mind, then a small, contrite voice whispered, “It wasn’t me.” He knew that there would be no further issues.

Temmit made his way back to the room where Damien lay unconscious and immobile. To his relief the traitorous sorcerer remained as incapacitated as he had been when they tied him there.

Temmit checked the ropes, the gag (which wasn’t tight enough to suit Temmit's sense of vengeance), and the blindfold; all were satisfactorily held fast. Nevertheless, Temmit drew his sword and sat in the chair facing the sorcerer, standing vigil until that night, when Renee should return.

“You should really learn a little more about tying knots.”

Temmit meditated. Smokey was mercifully quiet. He explored his own mind, and reviewed all that had happened to him that day. He was changed, he knew. His world was far expanded because of that day’s experiences, and his mind was too. By virtue of all of the mental exercise he had undertaken this day, he realized that there was so much more that his mind was capable of. As he dwelled upon his new realizations, he felt sure that the extent to which he might eventually expand his mind was truly limitless. What he was able to do was truly up to himself…he just needed to find the deeper understanding of himself that would unravel the bindings upon those powers. They were in there already; he just needed to figure out how to release them.

It was no more than half a hand, he was sure, by the time that Smokey chimed in. “So,” the gray crystal ventured. “What shall we do?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, we just going to sit here?”

“We’re guarding Damein.”

”He’s not going anywhere. He's out until at least tomorrow.”

“What?” Temmit knew that he shouldn’t have been surprised at that comment. “But you said earlier that we couldn’t be sure of that.”

“No I didn’t.”

Temmit had to admit that he knew from experience that this conversation would elicit a laugh from him eventually.

“Besides, who’s word are you going to take on the effectiveness of knots: Renee’s or a rock's?”

Temmit ignored the obvious concession that Smokey made by that comment. The crystal would never openly admit to owning his earlier statement.

“You know,” Temmit ventured. “We could collect arms and armor, as well as loot.”

“Gather it together in a central location.”

“Aye.” Temmit agreed. “I could also get all those bodies taken care of.”

“Down the kitchen shaft?”

“That’s my thinking. I will, of course, leave you here to keep an eye on Damein here. If he starts to come too…”

“I’ll call out.”

“Works for me.”

”Make it so, number one.”

Temmit almost inquired into that odd statement, but thought better of it. He took Smokey off from around his neck, left the crystal hanging from the back of the chair, and set to what turned out to be very grisly work.


--- Quote from: Johan ---

”Make it so, number one.”

--- End quote ---

(OOC: LOL, Nice to see that you finally came to the realization that psions are not the PC's, but are in fact the familiar's to the psi-crystals.)

Temmit was glad to see that the storage room was well organized. All of the crates therein were clearly marked as to their contents: rations, tools, linens, wine, and other standard sorts of supplies lined the various shelves.

After a quick review of that area, he set about collecting whatever looked like it might be of use or value from the dead thugs and thieves. Pouches, jewelry, weapons, armor, and other insundary items he collected in a corner of the storeroom. He hoped, and even thought, that Renee might just recoup her costs of buying this cell from Sephlin.

The actual removal of the bodies, however, was a far more trying ordeal for Temmit. The lean youth struggled with the large number of men and the few women who were now dead in the cell. Not all of them were slim.

They did all fit whole, however, down the kitchen shaft. Upon deposition, there was a long, relatively quiet decent, and then a faintly audible splash at the last.

Temmit grimmaced a bit when he tought that if it was a subterranean river below, it must eventually come up out of the ground, into the light of day. And then, there was the possibility that someone might stumble upon the nearly score-and-a-half cadavers, and wonder where they came from.

There was no help for it, though. He had to do what he had to do, and hope that the water below would deal with the refuse in a manner that would lead to no questions.

"So let me ask you this..." Smokey chimed in as, several hands later, Temmit washed himelf of blood for the second time that day. He waited in silence for the question that was to come. "When Renee returns, how will you know that she's out there?"

For a long while Temmit considered this problem. It naturally led him to wonder about how Whisper would populate Renee’s new cell long-term, and if they would populate it long-term. Also, he wondered whether there had been any members of Lowtown Shadow who weren't in residence when Renee and he had come calling for Leslie. Might any turn up over the next couple of days?

But to tackle the issue at hand, he delved once again deep into himself. He recollected the other side of the barricade: the poorly lit tunnel, the echo of his own and Renee's footsteps, ringing hollowly through the catacombs around them. He imagined what it might look like and sound like now, when no one violated the isolation of the tunnels. Somehow, there remained a preternatural echo of silence in that hall. Very much unlike the dwelling of Sephlin.

Temmit had to admit to himself that the opulent, decadent nature of the place where the crime lord lived was very appealing. As were his very appealing consorts. The image of Sephlin’s tent appeared in Temmit’s mind. The luxurious satin pillows and the naked, though surprisingly intelligent (and most importantly: naked) women who were there. He could recall the insightful conversations that he had overheard of them (in their nudity) while he was in their naked company.

Or perhaps he didn’t recall the conversations. The ones that presented to him as he thought on it weren’t at all the same as those of earlier. And, Temmit realized, that now, Sephlin was no longer there. Some of the women were now missing, and…

Temmit’s eyes snapped wide open as he realized what was going on: from where he was here and now, he was seeing and hearing what was currently occurring at Sephlin’s tent.

And then, Smokey was answered, while Temmit was presented with countless new questions.


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