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The Dale of Wolves

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I realize that this is like calling the kettle black, but...


Ashe thought this little bird curious…it did after all speak within his mind. To Ashe’s knowledge only seers had that power or the occasional arcane crafter…of which there were few Ashe well knew.

Could this little bird, who had called him revered brother, know who he, in fact, was? If it did, could this be Maccabeus’s teacher?

Realizing that his thoughts of surprise were not going to answer his questions he decided to speak back…in his natural tongue.

“My many thanks little wondrous bird. May I have the honor of your name?” he requested while searching for any signatures of Mahiya.

The colorful bird of prey twittered in the way of birds, and the silky voice once again entered Ashe's mind. The slightly clumsy nature of the intrusion told Ashe that this was no skilled seer, but the communication was effective nonetheless.

"I am Shankaria, brother." She answered. "I am a servant of Mahiya and protector of these lands and these hammarahn as well. I beseech you, approach them with care and kindness, as they are tender children of the wolves and carry not the sophistication of our world."

The bird flitted off from Ashe's great antler and alit upon the frond of a birch tree near by. The trees here were naturally further along in their venric growth as compared to the trees around Threshold. Still, she had alit upon a branch that afforded Ashe easy view of her.

“Shankaria! It’s her!” Ashe thought.

Though Ashe carried the title of Hierophant he always felt honored in meeting those that were in service to that which he held most dear. They were kin through thought and persuasion. The idea of meeting Shankaria filled him with wonder as she would, no doubt, have different means and wisdom than he though their goals were ultimately the same. Here was a chance to learn ever more…and perhaps teach.

“I’m am most humbled by your presence Sister Shankaria and equally surprised for it is you I seek. A son of your clan has arrived into my guidance and shows remarkable promise. In fact, the purpose of my journey to the Tower once again is due to him. I felt it would be ill mannered to be so close and not pay a visit to his homeland and in particular, his revered Torqaniq.”

Ashe felt as though he should reveal his true form. Though in a flash he wondered exactly what form that was! He had been many things on many occasions and to be defined by one seemed inadequate. Realizing that that this was a pondering for the flight home he reverted to his birth form.

Ashe stood on his two human legs. His long silvery hair tussled down in a wild mess. At once, he gave a bow to the colorful bird and checked to see if the “hammarahn” could see the activity near them.

ugh...I have NO idea what Shankaria looks like. This is going to take some time :(

We should perhaps kabbitz on it.


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