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The Dale of Wolves

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Ashe took the orange fruit from Shankaria and pondered it for a moment. What an odd occurrence for a pine tree to produce a fruit of this sort. He sniffed it in inspection and then bit the fruit in half.

Juice from the fruit ran down his whisker stubbed chin and his taste buds exploded with life. It was a sort of fruit he could liken to nothing else he’s eaten before. It was delicious! After all of the enthusiastic gnomish articulating of Maccabeus, Ashe would have expected the Barkenberry to have cropped up in conversation at least once.

Ashe’s love of plants demanded that he examine the half fruit to see the inside for the seeds and the meat of the berry. Interestingly enough the seeds were green. In an orange fruit they could not help but be seen.

Ashe popped the rest into his mouth and once again reeled at the taste. “Would you mind if I took some of these to the rascal?” Ashe queried. “I’m sure a taste of home would set him at ease before embarking to the Valley.”

Ashe thought back to Whisper in her golden grove. Part of him felt as though he was wasting precious little time with the Dale Gnomes. The other part of him knew that Shankaria and the other Gnarcherons would do well to know of the events unfolding. It was a choice that Ashe knew Whisper would not only support, but have encouraged.

"Heeheehee..." Shankaria's cackle was that of a conspirator who couldn't hold a secret. "He don' eat'm." She said. "Gives'm a nasty rash. Heeheeheehee." She seemed to get a fair amount of pleasure out of that notion.

"But ah'll git ye sumthin' fer th' lad ta r'mind'm uv's start. Fer now, tho, we should be gitt'n along ta me Vallenbrush. It'll take us a bit o' goin' ta git there. Ye ready?" She looked questioningly at Ashe.

Ashe mused at the slight gnome in her delight of Maccabeus's idosyncrasies. He slurped down the rest of his soup and with a burp pronounced, “Ready!”

Ashe wondered what sort of animal form he should assume. Shankaria stated that only small animals could get to where the bushes were but how far away…”How far away is the little guy?” Ashe finished his thought with words.

Wildfire, I think that this is a good concluding place for this particular thread. I'd suggest that visiting the Vallenbrush would be served by its own thread. I also think that the Vallenbrush visit is flavor...it shouldn't impede the game itself from moving forward.

I'm going to develop an outline regarding how Shankaria leads Ashe to the Vallenbrush, and I'll bounce that off of you via e-mail (your comcast acc't?).

Any thoughts?

I agree. The main point of the ICD has been fulfilled. Send me what you draw up to my comcast email.

As a side non impeding ICD we could flesh out more of the vallenbrush encounter and even perhaps a trek into the village proper if you like. If not, that's okay too.


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