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07.15.2127 - Auvyndyr Trial

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07.15.2127 - Auvryndyr Trial

The guard shoved her so hard into the cell that Shannon hit the granite floor and skinned both knees. The loud crash of the cell gate closing behind her was almost deafening as it reverberated in the Church dungeon corridors. She lay on her stomach and sobbed, the cold floor sending a chill through her blouse, but she no longer cared about what happened to her.

She had failed her parents and now all was lost.

Time passed and she had cried until she had become exhausted with the effort. Pulling her arms under her face she fell into a fitful sleep that replayed the mornings event over and over in her mind.

…her father amongst dozens of soldiers in the infirmary, dieing from wounds from the Kah’Tharta…

…her mothers glowing hands healing her fathers open chest wound…

…the look of utter horror and shock of the surrounding priests…

…her father looking down upon her and asking for forgiveness…

…her father slamming the bowl into the Priests head…

…another priest taking a boot to the chest with a sickening thud…

…the savagery of his father as he repeatedly pummeled the same man for not letting go of her mother…

…the arrival of the six guards, two grabbing her Mom and slamming her against a wall while three others surrounded her father and the last came for her…

And then the dreamscape changed the reality of the event and turned it into a true nightmare as the sixth guard held the dagger to her throat. From behind Shannon, the guard shouted over to her two parents as he grappled her tightly.

“Dakin, you and your Witch will have no child!” the guard yelled. The dagger suddenly pierced through the bottom of her chin and pinned the tongue to the roof of her mouth even as the cold steel cut behind her nose and eyes, it’s the tip painfully stabbed her mind…

Shannon awoke with a start. Laying on the cold granite floor in the very dark cell, she at first didn’t realize where she was, when she did, she wept again. She pulled herself up and crawled to the end of the cell. Her head hurt with a thumping ache that made her want to vomit. Sitting up against the wall that shared an unclean looking lavatory, she looked around for the first time. On the wall to her left were too sleeping platforms, mounted one on top of the other by chains. It was then that she noticed that the top bunk wasn’t empty, as she could see an elbow teetering over this side of it, presumably with a man-sized figure laying on its back with his hands behind his head.

She stopped crying with another start, suddenly realizing that she wasn’t alone, and worse yet, was in a prison cell with some unknown man.

Her heart sank at the sudden sound of his deep-baritone voice.

“Now what would you have done that was so bad that they would put you, a female child, in a prison cell with a grown man?”

Shannon skittered to a corner and curled up with her hands around her knees. The darkness of the cell now seemed darker with it being shared by a stranger. The dank mildewed smell crept up her nose and the cold of the surrounding stone chilled her to the bone.

She felt alone and completely vulnerable to the whims of her cellmate. "I didn't do anything wrong." she spat hostily trying to keep a strong front. She nestled into the corner as best she could trying to stay out of lit view.

"When do they feed us here anyway? I'm starving. Is the food any good?" Shannon asked more politely than she had when responding to his question.

More than anything she wanted to know where her parents were.

The man on the wall-supported cot made no move to turn, he did speak again though, and to Shannon, it was like talking to the darkness. She even blinked a couple times, wondering if her young mind was playing tricks on her.

“Actually it is the middle of the night, you slept a great deal of time on that floor. I suspect it will be oatmeal in the morning though.” The man’s voice was rich in its depth and not quite as scary as she had thought a moment ago.

‘Now tell me little one, they don’t normally throw young girls in jail cells, so you must have had done something wrong, or perhaps saw something you shouldn’t have?” he asked, still lying on his back and talking towards the ceiling.

Shannon thought to herself, 'Why is he so concerned about what I did, didn't do, or saw? Why should I even tell him? I can't tell him everything...Mom told me to never talk about her gifts'

"I saw my parents defend themselves from priests and guards." Shannon said. She felt that being cryptic was probably the best approach and hoped that he would just stop asking her questions. She wanted to take her mind away from her surroundings and situations and this mystery man wasn't making that easier.

'If only I had my sketchbook and a pen.'she thought

“Defend themselves from the priests and guards? Here in the church?” asked the man, interrupting her thoughts. “That still doesn’t explain why they would throw you into a dungeon cell little one. Did you help your parents fight them as well?”

The man still didn’t make any move to get off his bed. The tone and manner of his voice was gentle and not demanding.


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