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GENERAL: Prostitution
« on: April 21, 2008, 07:28:23 PM »
Ah, prostitution, my favorite subject....

Thanks for the poke Chassic (doh), here is the skinny (double doh) from every perspective:


Prostitution is illegal in the entire Kingdom of Safe-Haven. Those offering themselves for any type sexual conduct with another for any type of property gain are subject to a fine of 100 gold pieces and/or 1 month in jail.


The commanding ranks from top to bottom quietly endorse prostitution. It is a cheap tool to keep the young soldier spirit high, especially with the boys, and most recently, a bit with the girls as well. Although leadership is clueless at the moment as to how this change came about in their female contingent, but as the pregnancy rate hasn’t increased and in fact has decreased in the recent year, they are happy with the change.

The reason for all this is that sexual conduct isn’t allowed until age 24, which obviously affects the military culture which has mandatory service for 18 year-olds. 6 years is a long time for a young adult to be ridden with this angst, so prostitution offered to soldiers who are on leave is almost considered a necessity by those in command. Note however, this doesn’t mean that every soldier partakes in the activity, but again, it isn’t discouraged.

All in command are two-faced to those they answer too in the church however, and they keep their fingers crossed behind their backs while praying to Kaine.


The theater district couldn’t survive without prostitution, nor the reverse. It is part of the culture that goes back almost two-thousand years. Multiple brothels exist within the oldest district in the kingdom, and the Elite Church police force long ago gave up on trying to shut them down.

But the devout Kainites still complain to legislators, so arrests are frequent, sometimes a “strike squad” raiding any given brothel on a once-a-month basis. But most citizens really consider it all a farce to hush the church. Fees are paid by the wealthy brothel owners and the hooker “managers” (neither of which are usually prosecuted) and “business” activity returns quickly back to “normal”.

The typical lady of the night is 24 to 34 years old and usually treated very well by their “management”. Although considered an abhorrent profession by the devout, those thrifty, sexy and immoral enough recognize the trade as a gold mine to early retirement.

Sexism is alive and well though, for male prostitution is almost unheard of. The complication of female soldiers being arrested for carrying a child before the honorable discharge from service at age 24, is something that angry commanders do not turn a blind eye too, and therefore too risky for the managers of the brothels.

Those young women that find themselves drawn to temptation of the flesh must either find another venue or visit the very skilled women their male counterparts are visiting. Although with a recent potion added to the market this may also evolve.


Shantytown is an eyesore to those devout Kainites who honor and obey Scripture. Decades of trials and tribulations in exterminating the foul trade of prostitution has only made it stronger. The solution? Get rid of Shantytown.


The 20% of people in the city that live by every word in the holy book have no sense of freedom or sense to let other people live and let live. Shantytown is what it is, a place where anything and anyone can be found to do anything with. If you are offended by the entertainment, don’t go there. If you are curious by it, go there with caution and a friend and know that there are enough soldiers there that one can be relatively safe. And if you are a frequent visitor? Just keep your hobby in its place, “what happens in Shanty, stays in Shanty.”