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The Battle of Millenguard - The Remake

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As the front line of soldiers charged from the safe positions to save Kithendria from a similar fate, an impossible task from that distance, a huge roar that shook the very ground bellowed from the Outlands. Everything stopped, including the Karh’Thul facing Kithendria who, atop her unmoving horse, hesitated in fear.

A gargantuan terror stepped from behind the ancient pines and walked into the bright sunlight where it lurched forward and roared again. Four long tentacles flayed about from its back, tugging at trees while four massively-muscled arms flexed with the roar which emanated from a maw lined with teeth taller than a man.

The bloody Karh’Thul, as if obeying its master, abandoned Kithendria and charged ahead to certain death that awaited with the angered soldiers of the front lines. Soldiers no doubt concerned about this unknown giant, but trained to prepare and fight anything out of the Outlands, including this abomination.

Kithendria, although not blessed by that training, did find her mind and spurred the horse to flee, but the massive giant, defying its size, snapped her up with one of its massive claws and held her fast. Within a second, even before the terrified girl knew she had been captured, the beast closed its massive maw over the horse starting to flee and bit it grotesquely in two with a bone-crunching, ripping sound.

Soldiers, that weren’t immediately dispatching the lone charging Karh’Thul, watched the horror as blood sprayed from the giant’s maw and blanketed the area and the screaming Kithendria.

Murmurs of the demon’s name spread through the ranks of soldiers in disbelief.


Ustag, the gargantuan demon of scripture had returned to Kaine’s people.


With a word, the Captain commanding the front line brought his men back to the trenches as his lieutenant of the first battery brought their front siege weapons to bare upon the giant. In the few moments that these maneuvers occurred, Ustag, still holding Kithendria by the torso in one of his 4 massive claws, stood erect and pointed at the troops.

The lieutenant awaited the command to fire, in his stare the Captain understood all too well the implications of that order, for it would kill the girl as well.

It was then that a wave of black erupted from the Outer Rim, an attacking force of numbers never before seen as what appeared to be hundreds of Karh’Thul charged from somewhere behind the ancient pines.

With a prayer of mercy to Kaine for the young girl, he nodded at his lieutenant.

In his entire 4-year career and 17 Kah’tharta victories, the Captain had never had to order the firing of the entire front battery. The power of it was impressive.

An explosion of cannon fire and massive ballista bolts met the enemy attack with incredible force. Dozens of the black fiends were either obliterated by explosions or violently pierced through.

But it wasn’t enough.

While dozens of Karh’Thul were eliminated, hundreds more still charged through the carnage upon the battlefield. Worse still, the giant seemed complete unphased by the explosions near and on top of him, and although the girl also seemed unhurt, this was small consolation. The captain barely had enough time to order the rear battery to fire before he and his men were in the thick of melee with the frontal assault.

“Did he receive any direct hits at all?!” the captain screamed to his lieutenant as he engaged a flurry of claws and teeth from two of the enemy.

“I watched a ballista bolt bounce directly off his chest Captain!” the lieutenant responded in disbelief as he ducked a demons attempt to deliver a flying tackle.

“Impossible,” said the Captain as he heard the front lines fire again, which wasn’t the sound he wanted to hear....it meant the demons were still coming from the border.

‘We had become complacent in our success, we were not setup for this level of an attack, we will pay for the mistake with our very lives, he thought with regret.

I see now that I have not only captured your attention my students, but I have shaken it as well.


For that is the very reason I am telling you this story today, to remind you that our peace can be a fragile one should we let our guard down, as shown by this very “fable”.

But I digress...

The Captain’s heart raced faster than his horse, but he was not ashamed of the fear that pumped through his veins. He was now the lone survivor of the massacre behind him. All of his friends and comrades, kids he grew up with in school with and trained alongside each day for years, now nothing but chunks of torn flesh on a bloody battleground. Over six-hundred soldiers gutted and flayed at the hands of viscous demons, their bodies already forgotten by the enemy which now charged behind him towards the kingdom’s heartland.

And what’s more, the Outer-Rim remained open, for no one was left alive who could close it.

So he pushed the horse on with the pain of his regret pumping hard within his heart. He had abandoned his post and fled away to warn the city, each of the 8 companies within a brigade had one man for this purpose, and he alone had escaped the massacre to do so.

‘Three miles to go,’ Captain Darkwell thought to himself, for he had seen the old abandoned barn that was a familiar landmark.

He charged the horse as fast as the animal could run, for the fate of the entire human race rode with him.


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