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The Battle of Millenguard - The Remake

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Hello my children, my name is Drayke Silverwind, it is my honor today to share with you a great story of legend. Now I know many of you are too old for bedtime stories and fairy tales, but I think that should you lend me your patience for a few turns, you will find yourselves hard pressed to escape the attention I have stolen from you.

The Battle of Millenguarde:
In a time over 1200 years ago, in the early tenth century (900+ ESH), several hundreds of years after the final and fourth wall of Our-Commons had been completed. The Kingdom of Safe-Haven was finally able to breathe the air of freedom, for it expanded 6 to 8 miles in every direction from their God’s Spire. The Military School had been successful for three generations in the development of powerful and brave male child warriors. Meanwhile in the city, strong young women carried the burden to protect and raise the future.

The seasonal battles, the Kah'tharta, were a huge success for over 100 years as the victories continued to allow expansion of the Kingdom. Life was still difficult, especially for the young, but the hope for all humankind’s survival was strong and no longer in doubt. After almost a millennium of struggle, the city of Our-Commons and the people within it had become a finely-tuned machine for War.
The Summer Kah'tharta of 919 ESH was to be like any other, another chance to expand the land and allow humankind to grow. Each seasonal battle took the lives of young brave men, but with Kaine’s guidance from heaven above, only a precious few would be lost in the conquest for the greater good.

However, as we all now know, it would not be a simple victory on this day in history, for although it is often said that history is written by the victors, it would be scribed with their own blood upon the parchment on this fateful day.

The following my students, is the Story of Legend, and the daring souls who saved this Kingdom over a thousand years ago. The battle can be accounted for in the pages of our history books, as can an enormous demon. Most of the courage, bravery and tenacity felt within the story I am about to weave to you is real.

The rest of it, Kithendria's existance, the Sword of Truth and the events as they unfolded around the two of them, are left up for to you to decide and debate.

I see I indeed captured your attention, with that, I will weave my tale...

The Ceremony of the Veil, the event that initiates each and every Kah’tharta, began on a beautiful and warm day in mid-summer. Melinda, a comely girl of 18 with a grace and stature fitting for the affection from a God, quoted from her heart passages from the Scripture of Kaine. The emphasis behind the words, inspired by her devoted passion to her Holy Father, affected even the most seasoned of troops and invigorated all of the soldiers with newfound courage for the days battle. Kithendria, her assistant and chosen Second Deaconess quietly watched on. The beautiful blond-haired and blue-eyed girl was the youngest Deaconess ever to be chosen for Kah’tharta. At 15 years old, the girl was ill-prepared for the hardship she knew to come, but her duty to God and Kingdom however, held her fast.

With the Ritual over, the pair of Deaconess from the Circle of Flame raced their white warhorses along the perimeter of the Outer Rim. With unerring accuracy, Melinda threw specifically designed bags of holy water at the torches along the perimeter. The white magic of our coveted holy flame was extinguished from each torch as they passed.

Every twenty feet, which comes in mere seconds on horseback, Melinda threw, while her assistant rode dangerously alongside her while preparing satchels of water in just as quick succession. And for almost a half a mile they were successful, Melinda even giving Kithendria a quick but appreciative smile.

It would be the last act of kindness to another from Melinda in this world.

As two battalions of over 600 men watched from their positions in the trenches a few hundred yards away, a horrific scene quickly unfolded before them. One moment, Melinda was riding at break-neck speed aside Kithendria, the next, the girl was being tackled by a Karh’Thul that had leapt from the Outlands and dismounted her. Her horse charged away unaware yet of its rider being taken by the enemy.

Kithendria quickly turned her horse sharply to return to Melinda’s aid, but to no avail. In the moments it took to come back, the demon not only pinned the stunned Melinda to the ground but had ripped the girls innards out effortlessly. It stood as it waited for Kithendria with bloodied fangs and maw.

But a greater horror had other intentions for Kithendria....

Yes class, I said intentions and it is the word I specifically meant, for not all Karh’Thul are mindless terrors.


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