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Threshold Government
« on: March 27, 2008, 09:45:11 AM »
I hadn't realized this was missing until I went to look for it

Type of Government: Republic- The Council of Seven

The Council of Seven consists of one member of each major race (human, elf, dwarf, gnome, Halfling, and half-orc). All of the members hold equal power in the council with one serving as the spokesman. Council members are elected from a vote of all town members in a rotation of seven years. The election is held on the first day of the year (Gorrish Albyr Volden) on the holiday of Bloombring (this is in part to foster the celbration of the start of the continuing cycle). Council members can be re-elected with no ceiling on the amount of terms.

The Council meets once a week to discuss town topics and solutions to problems within the town’s area- in short, govern. All of the meetings are open to the townsfolk and are conducted in a town-meeting style.

The Tri-State of Vychia offers military protection to Threshold. The Vychian soldiers are not under the jurisdiction of the Council but are ordered by a Vychian Captain who receives orders from the Tri-State (usually the Arch-Duke of Kurr). The Council can make requests of the captain but cannot give orders. The Captain then chooses whether or not to execute those requests.

The Council of Seven also acts as judges for crimes that have been committed. Cases are argued before the Council and are then judged in private where punishment is also determined depending on innocence or guilt.

Current Council Members:

Julius Hawkhaven- Male Human (Spokesman)
Tris’Tuan Ryr’Penor “Rainfire”- Female Elf
Kardok of Clan Blackforge- Male Dwarf
Avalon Sythuswind- Female Half-Elf
Svenia Goodwink- Female Gnome
Baruth Steelfist- Male Half-Orc
Nimblyn Manyhands- Male Halfling

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