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04.17.2127 - Headmaster's Anger

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Lying in his bed, staring at the darkness, Harrison quietly cast a quick spell to heal himself (OOC: Cure Light Wounds)

"Sometimes in this city, that isn't enough." Harrison whispered to himself. A very true statement, apparently.

What to do now, Harrison wondered. He wasn't sleepy any more. Somewhere down the line, Harrison would even that little score... He just wasn't certain how.

Oh yes, mister Shanteel, your day will come. (OOC: further motivation for Harrison to have taken the Trickery, Death and Knowledge domains.)

Harrison forced the bully from his thoughts, and replaced them with the soft cinnamon smell he remembered. My Emmanuelle, he thought to himself. He grinned a little at the sound of that.

Harrison spent the next couple hours lying in bed replaying a new version of what happened in that office; a version that ended with the Headmaster pleading for Harrison not to hit him again, and apologizing profusely for having made that comment about Harrison's Emmanuelle being "furture mate material".

Just before dusk would start to illuminate the sky, a small tapping occurred at the window, Harrison smiled at the familiar noise.

End of thred. Story continued in White Rascal.



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