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04.17.2127 - Headmaster's Anger

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The door to the room that Harrison shared with 7 other boys opened. It didn't feel like morning to him, but he couldn't really tell due to the lack of windows in the room. The lantern light in the corridor behind the figure silhouetted the man in the doorway, it was easy to discern the headmaster's tall brute figure.

With heavy booted steps the man entered the room and walked to the end of Harrison's bed, he knew each kid was now awake and watching in a bit of fear as he was, the Headmaster never visited a room for jokes and cookies.

"Come with me Arbuckle," he stated plainly.

Harrison winced at the sound of his last name. He hadn't been at the orphanage very long, but he suspected such visits were uncommon. He had been here long enough to see how things were done though. Much of the time, teachers used fear as a motivator. He decided he would no let this man intimidate him, at least outwardly. After all, Harrison was a boy with nothing to lose.

Harrison slid out from under his blankets, and pushed his glasses on. Standing before the headmaster, Harrison stretched.

"Is something amiss, Sir?"

To Harrison's surprise, the Headmasters response was almost congenial.

"Not really Master Arbuckle, but I would like to talk with you on a matter. Please acoompany me to my office." he said and walked back to the open door.

"Oh," Harrison said simply. "Happy to help."

Harrison had heard stories about what went on in the Headmaster's office, but he didn't let it bother him. He had in fact, done nothing wrong that he could think of.

Harrison supposed the meeting could only have to do with his meeting Emma. Harrison shrugged to himself.

They probably just want to ask how Abbey was.

Harrison followed the incredibly tall man through the dimly lit corridors of the Orphanage. Their footfalls echoing along the barren wooden floors and walls as they traversed two corridors and one stairwell to make it to the Headmaster's front office.

The Headmaster passed thru the open doorway of his office and asked Harrison to close the door on his way in. The window to the left of the man's desk revealing no morning dusk of yet.

The tall man sat down behind an old, but huge wooden oak desk and sat back in his reclining leather chair. He staired across the desk at eye level with the 10-year old for almost a full turn.

Harrison, non-plussed or intimidated by the mans stare, wandered his eyes from him to show him as much, looking at the nameplate on the desk,


'His name even sounds big,' Harrison thought, he then returned his gaze to the Headmaster, 'don't want to push my attitude too far I suppose.'

"Tell me your version of the story Arbuckle," the Headmaster stated calmly, and even though Harrison was looking right at him and waiting for him to say something, he started a bit.


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