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04.16.2127 - The Meeting (Harrison and Emma)

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The fact that she was of a higher station than Harrison meant nothing to him, nor her apparent guardedness. His face didn’t change expression, nor did his tone change at all. “It’s not a line, it’s a fact. Look, he’s sad you haven’t accepted his gift,” Harrison said, pointing at Clive. As if on cue, Clive lowered the quarts, and bowed his head to the floor.

“He’s very sensitive for a white squirrel.”

Despite herself the girl giggled and put her hand to her mouth in surprise at the squirrels antics.

"Oh my Kai...." she interrupted herself, closed her eyes for a second with what looked like of some kind of internal reprimand. When she re-opened them, despite whatever it was that she was just hard on herself for, her eyes had returned to the squirrel and lit up with affection and happiness.

"That is about the cutest thing I have ever seen, how did you teach him that," she said, not taking her gaze off squirrel. She bent down low but didn't get closer to him. Her smile was radiant. The dried tears on her cheeks forgotten.

Hey, can we get a date code on this thread?


LONG time ago. this is when Emma was introduced to the orphanage... she's actually the one who brings Harrison into the Whisper Gang.

Oops... Wrong post. Here's the right one.

“oh,” Harrison said. “I didn’t really teach him anything. He does genuinely like women. I just asked him to go be nice, he did the rest himself.”

Clive skittered over to the girl, and put the quartz down on the floor, nudging it over to her with his nose, pausing every half an inch to look up at her and squeek.


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