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04.16.2127 - The Meeting (Harrison and Emma)

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Emmanuelle had no time to argue, without even looking back she sprinted down the steps with Clive in the procket of the boys robe that she now wore.

As she charged throught the common roon she didn't even care about the laughter that ensued or even the comments about her attire or questions on how it came to be on her, she just focused on getting to the entry.

The last door at the end of the hall was her target, on the other side, most likely her doom, but she hoped and prayed she would get to the entry before Myrtle.

Three steps away from the door it opened and in walked the Headmaster for the Orphanage with Deaconess Myrtle in tow, to say that they were stunned at her appearance and flushed face would have been an understatement.

Harrison turned back around to get a new robe from the Linen closet, with plans of avoiding anyone who saw the two of them leave togheter. Maybe he'd head out the back door and go check on Moose (A horse at the stable Harrison liked to visit) for a bit.

He could still smell the Cinnamon scent.

Continued in the thread, Headmaster's Anger[/color]



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