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Renee Olsteel


NAME: Renee Olsteel
AGE: 18
BIRTHDATE: 12.03.2114
CLASS: Fighter/Sorcerer
HOUSE: The Protectors

ATTRIBUTES: Renee is the poster child for the Protectors yet also stately in her mannerisms and eloquent in her beauty. Many teachers have stated openly they expect her to be on the “Council of Five” someday, unknowing how influential she is in the underground. Although she is of average height and build she seems taller to most. She has beautiful fair skin, flaming red hair and a porcelain face. Her smile is disarming in that it conveys levels of emotion and confidence normally displayed by political statesmen. Now at the age of majority, she is her full, mature and shapely form and has used her curves to turn many an unwary guards’ attention away from what is important.

APPEARANCE: Renee wears a school uniform only in the classroom, she is never seen in one before or after. When Renee is in the city she wears silk dresses, most with long sleeves and a high neck cut. Although completely covering, it is still very shapely. That being said, unless she has a distraction to perform, Renee always walks in a manner of patience that is never exaggerated or unbecoming to a young girl. She moves slowly, not as one without ability, but one who’s subconscious is always aware about her next move. When Renee is performing any Whisper function or is out and about in the wilds she wears a dark brown leather armor outfit that is inlaid with forest green cloth pieces.

Despite the above description of a girl of charismatic beauty, Renee could beat any single individual in Whisper in one-to-one combat. Not only is she in The Protectors house where she holds the rank as a lieutenant, she is known as the Karh’Thul Hunter to the members of Whisper. It is known that Renee has killed three Karh’Thul on three separate occasions.

*Renee has done more for Whisper than any other guild leader of the past, during her 5 year tenure as leader, she has established regular meetings, watched and nurtured the clan’s growth to three times its number of ten years ago, and taught the young in countless ways. Where previous leaders have simply kept the members safe, Renee has kept the members active. Each meeting the members are assigned missions that seek out the truth in the world of Safe-Haven. It is because of these missions that Whisper has gained a new purpose in its life, to not only hide their abilities from the government, but to find out why the government fears them

Renee’s mother and father live in a small village to the south, about 5 miles from the Outer Rim. It was there that she, in front of her parents, killed a Karh’Thul for the first time. Her parents had been surprised by the demon in the barn, and by the time Renee, then 12, responded to their screams for help, they were badly wounded. Renee reached the barn just in time to see the also wounded creature standing over her father, ready to give him a mortal swipe with its claws. Renee used her arcane magic to destroy the beast, it dissipated just as its claw was about to reach her fathers neck.

*This was when her parents discovered her ability to cast “sorcery”. And surprisingly to Renee, they accepted her and her forbidden talent, and keep her secret safe to this very day. The newspaper reported that Renee had come to rescue just in time and had dealt the killing stroke to the beast with her longsword, hailing the school’s excellent military training. Renee was awarded the Flame Medallion, and an accommodation in the Protectors House. But more importantly, she was then discovered by the guild known as Whisper.

Ashley Hutton - An assistant to Lawrence Pishton and trustee of his bank accounts.

We have been going into the past a lot with ICD's, so I am adding birthdates to keep me head straight (I hope).

Renee Olsteel


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