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Emmanuelle Keepsake


NAME: Emmanuelle Keepsake
AGE: 15
BIRTHDATE: 07.01.2117
CLASS: Sorcerer/Cleric
HOUSE: The Clergy

ATTRIBUTES:  Another beautiful young woman, “Emma” is about the same frame and stature as Renee and when standing aside her as a second in command of the clan, many of the boys in Whisper forget who and where they are. Where Renee displays charisma and stately mannerisms because of her teachings and experience earned, Emma displays it as part of her birthright, she is indeed the daughter of the High Priest. The difference is notable between the two, but Emma is loved by the member despite of it. Emma, like Renee, also has fair skin but has long straight brown hair, her eyes are a gentle dark brown and very focused. She is a bit more effeminate in her mannerisms than Renee, having been an honored member of the Clergy House and not having been drilled through boot camp of the Protectors.

APPEARANCE: Emma wears the school uniform under the Clergy’s house robe, which is white silk robe with the symbol of Kaine on its back. She usually wears the sides of the robe draped over the crooks of her arms when at meetings. Emma hardly ever is wearing make-up at the meetings and is usually just groomed and clean, as she likes to take the rare moments to step out of her station. Emma, however, is always wearing a perfume that hints of cinnamon, any lucky enough boy who gets within 1 foot of her can’t decide whether he wants to kiss her, or go find an apple pie.

Emma doesn’t trust her father, nor does she love him. All of the guild’s distrust of the man originates with Emma, for although Fresenius is a loved man by all the public, and a shining powerful figure of charisma and piety, Emma knows better. She knows him to be a man only interested in power and politics, one who despises the lesser masses and seeks to create an unreasonable Utopia.

The only true family that Emma has is her friends in the guild. Her mother was an only-child, and she died giving birth to Emma. Her father is also an only child, both of his parents also deceased. (Note, Fresenius is 60 years old).

Added Emaa's birthdate and a little information on her family.

Emma Keepsake


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