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NAME: Jared Lightwell
AGE: 13
BIRTHDATE: 06.11.2119
CLASS: Fighter/Wizard
HOUSE: The Builders

ATTRIBUTES:  Jared is a young adolescent boy who never can keep his short brown hair combed. He also could bathe more as he is often covered in powder from his experiments in the Engineering House, having gunpowder usually smeared on him somewhere.  Jared has green eyes, a slightly freckled face that isn’t marred or unattractive. In fact he would be an above average, good looking boy if he smiled once in awhile. He is often gloomy though.

APPEARANCE: Like some students, Jared wears his school uniform everywhere, even on the weekends, as he doesn’t like to worry about keeping other clothing clean or having to try to match pieces in the morning. He sometimes can go a couple days without visiting a washroom, and this gives him a bit of scorn from the other members.

Although a member with arcane talents and deep knowledge of chemical engineering, specifically explosives, Jared is not really popular in the clan. He tends to back up outspoken members of the clan on anti-government rhetoric with spurts of violent talk, always wanting to blow something up.

*Jared is often in Xavier's shadow, most believe its because Jared looks up to the powerful warrior member of the guild. [/list]

FAMILY: Jared has a father who works at the outskirts of the kingdom as some common laborer, his mother went to prison two years ago (after he joined Whisper) for speaking out against the government, she is serving a 4 year sentence.

Made a change in reality here, for it is more likely that this NPC would follow Xavier (Chassic's character) then he would Harrison. Sorry if this hurts anyone's feelings, I am thinking it won't though.

We have been going into the past a lot with ICD's, so I am adding birthdates.

Jared Lightwell

Changed him from a Sorceror to Wizard. W's are in the minority in Safe-Haven, but the class made a lot more sense to the introverted and very technical Jared then the flamboyant class of Sorcerer did.


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