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Leslie Marks


NAME: Leslie Marks
AGE: 12
BIRTHDATE: 01.28.2120
CLASS: Bard/Rogue
HOUSE: The Actors

ATTRIBUTES: Leslie is a skinny pre-adolescent girl who hasn’t quite made it to puberty yet. She has pixie-cut blonde hair, big blue eyes and a smile that lights up a room. She is short and underweight for her age, but very quick.

APPEARANCE: Leslie wears the school uniform when required, on weekends she is usually seen in a pair of form-fitting leather breeches and a peasant blouse. She is known for wearing the softest pair of leather slippers wherever she goes, despite the weather, and claims to have many pairs. She also carries her steel flute at all times, it is a simple instrument that on the outside appears to merely have a dozens of simple holes.


“The Musician”

Leslie would be just another member of the gang if she didn’t have an incredible gift of music and poetry. When time allows, Renee often asks Leslie to recite a poem at the end of a meeting. This poetry, inlaid with abstracts of a much larger score of music written in Leslie’s head, are incredible works of inspiration.

*Leslie performs in the Riverfront district every other Endday at 8pm. Almost every Whisper member tries to attend the performance which is in the tavern of the Inn her parents own there. Recently, the tavern has been filling up an hour early, as Leslie’s growing following of fans have been getting “the good seats” early. It has therefore been hard for the later-arriving students to get in. Leslie is talking to her Mom about this and trying to work something out. Her flute shares the center of attention with Leslie, as it is as much of a piece of art as it is wonder…for although simply looking, it is actually a relic handed down to her through the generations. It is a wind instrument, but no ordinary one, for this wind instrument plays chords.

*Leslie is also known as a bookworm. On the weekends, if Leslie isn’t seeing a show in the Theater District or working at her parents’ tavern, or practicing her music in the House practice rooms, she is usually found at the library with her nose in some book.

*Leslie is also a sleepy-head, as she is known to go to bed right on weekdays at the end of classes (7pm).


Leslie has a Mom and a Dad. They own, operate and live in the “Get Here from There” Tavern/Inn on the Riverfront District. She also has three younger siblings, a sister who is 9 and of course in the school (not in the clan) and two younger brothers, 3 and 5. She has a fantastic relationship with her parents who allow her a long leash to do what she wants, as long as she works hard at school.

We have been going into the past a lot with ICD's, so I am adding birthdates to keep me head straight.

Leslie Marks

DM Note: Mother's name is Pamela


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