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All afternoon each and every one of you had difficulty concentrating on your instructors and your school work. The Whisper meeting was finally tonight! It had been two weeks since the last one and as many months since a real one had taken place. Ever since the uncharacteristic guard rotation change and their unusual increased activity, the Whisper Guild had a hard time circumventing the government and getting together as a large group.

Not tonight though. Today, every member you ran into was instilled with excitement. Renee had used her influence (on Captain Jonathon Athol no doubt) to lighten the guard rotations around the Theater District entrances to Lowtown. And when Captain Athol was doing his beloved Renee’s bidding, it was always mere child’s play to get into the tunnel system.

So as the afternoon wore on, member looked at their watches, jumped from their seats when the clock tower bell ended a period and rushed the halls giving each other knowing smiles. As night fell and the final bell rang announcing not only the end of the school day, but the end of the week for the students, each member rushed back to their room to gather the necessary belongings. It would be two hands between class end and meeting begin, most used their time wisely. Some packed two days of clothes, knowing they would head out to either their parents house or their live-in apartments at their places of employment. Many hung out at the dormitories during the heart of the snowy winter, using the time to take showers in the dormitories, read the weekly newspaper or get homework done early. Very few left the school district as many of the others did. Those others, over two thousand students headed out to their ordinary lives abiding by a system without question and ignorant of any wrong.

The Whisper knew better.

Shannon entered her empty room and looked around. She had some expectations for tonights meeting...some good...some bad. Meetings like this were always filled with boring talk so she grabbed her art kit and some paper, placed them in her back pack.

She walked into the quiet hall and headed outside. She did have some excitement towards the meeting though...it was a course of action to at least discussing ideas of how to change what seemed to be an oppresive way of life under the guise of freedom.

Walking into the winter air was invigorating! Most of her classes she found boring excpet for her art classes...there she could cut free. She could make her imagination real and soar like bird.

She looked around for any nearby Guards. Secure that none were around she headed for the meeting looking for anyone else that would be attending.

Temmit's last class ended, as it always did. Kids ran to and fro around the school grounds, going their own ways, getting their own things.

Temmit made his way alone to the Theater district. He liked the theater district. People were generally what they were, and allowed one to be what they were as well.

Plus, he could watch the guards' movements, and keep an eye out for any issues that might intervene with Renee's plans.

He walked idly about the district, noting any folks who were there, but were not usually so. Nothing led him to believe that there would be an issue with tonight's meeting.

He waited and watched, making his way to that specific entrance that Renee had indicated.

Temmit watched the entrance that he knew gave the guild the easiest access to sneak into. As the snow fell about him, the hard populace, used to hard Winters, shrugged it off and kept along their way. Each person headed to a show that would start around 8 night-hand.

'The snow! Even invisible they would still show passage through the snow!' Temmit thought suddenly, but even as he did, the problem solved itself, and whistling to himself, Temmit walk merrly away to get his things.

As time drew near, each student unlocked their footlocker or pried within their secret cubbies and withdrew two draughts of the invisibility potions given to them at the last meeting. These potions were key to the success of the recent guild meetings and an absolutely brilliant acquirement of Renee’s. Although they only lasted about a minute or two, that was more than enough time to pass by the guards at the stairwell entrances of Lowtown, and now that Renee promised the portcullis before the entrance would be raised just high enough for a child to crawl under, it would be easy-peezy.


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