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MILITARY: Rank Structure



The army structure of Safe-Haven follows the modern army structure (cuz I am not interested in being fancy, just want to have fun).

Squad =   10 privates and a corporal = 11+ soldier
Platoon =   2 or more squads and a sergeant = 23+ soldiers
Company =    2 or more platoons and a lieutenant = 47+ soldiers
Battalion =   2 or more companies and a captain = 95+ soldiers
Regiment =    2 or more battalions and a major = 191 soldiers
Brigade =   2 or more regiments and a colonel = 383 soldiers

Each regiment of each unit (even the smallest squad) is self-sustaining in regards to responsibility of personnel (combat medic, signal man (radio man in modern world), supply man, etc.).
*Ranks are listed above in hierarchy from the grunt corporal to the "drinking tea in the battle tent" colonel.
*There is one general for each of the armed forces contingent, no matter whether they answer to the government or not. (Total of 5)[/color]


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