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Safe Haven Calendar

Month - Season(Change-over Date) - S.F. Month Name

January - Winter - WinterSecond
February- Winter - WinterThird
March - Winter - WinterFourth
April - Winter/Spring(15) - WinterEnd
May - Spring - SpringBegin
June - Spring/Summer(15) - SpringEnd
July - Summer - SummerFirst
August - Summer - SummerSecond
September - Summer/Fall(15) - SummerEnd
October - Fall - FallBegin
November - Fall/Winter(15) - FallEnd
December - Winter - WinterBegin

Days of the Week

First Day: Hopeday
Second Day: Workday
Third Day: Warday
Fourth Day: Healday
Fifth Day: Endday
Sixth Day: Prayday
Seventh Day: Restday

It is the Year of Our Father, 2133 ESH (Establishment of Safe Haven)
* 365 days of the calendar year, divided into the 12 months, with quantity of days for each month mirroring our own world.[/list]

I know its simple naming convention, but at the time it was created, survival was more important than being clever. A quickly adopted system was accepted and never changed.

Days are denoted as follows:

December 21st, 2132 =   XXI WinterBegin, MMCXXXII

Any questions, please post below.

The Romans gave the world many great advancements ... an efficient numeral system was not one of them.

Yeah, what a pain in the ass the roman numerals are.

What, did you find a roman numeral converter somewhere online or something? I know you don't just KNOW the system... Right?


 Roman Numeral Converter Hint: look to the right when you get to the page!

What kind of putz needs a roman numeral converter?

Jeez...what kind of amateurs am I working with here?


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