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The school, from age 5 to 18, is a military school.

Until age 18, each student is expected to wear a school uniform, of which each student has three sets:

A dark leather sleeveless jerkin over a long-sleeved white shirt.
* Dark leather pants, that are form fitting and are full length, and has an inside cloth lining. Each pair of pants has adjustable laces on the sides (one size fits all!).
* Dark Leather boots.
* A house tabard which is a cloth with the colors and Symbol of the student’s house. The front and back of the tabard extends almost to the knee. (Students of age 5 to 9 are given a blank brown tabard symbolizing their elementary school status)
* For comfort during cool and even cold months during the school year, each student is given one dress cloak which has a removable fur lining. The color of the cloth is that of their house (or again brown for elementary school kids). Each one has a silver clasp shaped into the students’ house symbol. These cloaks are not only practical for their warmth, but are considered an object of House pride for each student.
* The entire ensemble is considered leather armor (affording +2 on AC).[/color]

From age 5 to 9, students are taught basic fighting techniques. They learn to use the common weapons of war; sword, mace and crossbow. Engrained within each child is the proper manner in which to take care of one-self physically. Not only by training, but good exercise and eating habits are also established at this age. There is a very low obesity rate in Safe-Haven because of this.

Each and every class day a student has a full hour and a half of training in some form.

From age 9 to 12, students train in the tactics of organized warfare. It is at this age that field practice is performed three times a week, despite whatever current weather. Students learn to fight in tactical groups, perform maneuvers as specific units and learn the basic skills of a squadron.

Classes are twice a week but each is four hours long.

From age 13 to 18, a student continues working on the skills developed thus far. And a broad scope including medicinal practices and group command is part of their training. Before graduation, each student must attend (to observe only) an attack on the outer rim.

Updated 02.15.08..

I wonder if this training would affect any base character statistics...Weapon/Armor proficiency, base attack bonus, skills, feats...etc.

Believe me, I'm not trying to milk the system but it stands to a fair amount of reason worth considering..

Skill and feats are taught to the lot of you by teachers, friends, parents and fellow Whisper Gang members.

Nothing bonus is awarded though.


You note what a student up to age 15 must wear. What happens when a child turns 15? Is there a different uniform, or are they afforded a chance to dress as they please (within reason)?


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