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Shannon would definitely be in The Actors.

And yes, more defined answers are forthcoming, I just have to prioritize what I work on first. I have a suspicion that I will be posting more and more content on this Kingdom all spring and summer this year.

But in order to get the toons "in the game", some things, as you are well aware, have to be explained before others.

So to help you out in this regard, just know that the houses have competitions, both academic and actual physical competitions. Everything from science fairs, to judged art exhibits, to "Survival (the TV series) obstacle course competitions.

And the most popular is military competitions that are held in the Fall and Spring seasons. The only non-competing house is the Protectors, since they would have the clear advantage. The Protectors House instead is divided into leadership teams that train the teams made up of members from every other house. These teams, which are permanent for the year, compete in the Our-Commons Arena for glory, prestige and fabulous game-show prizes.

More later....

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