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Satyr tracks (Completed)

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Charron's words hung upon Eswarth for a bit longer than one might expect. It was a telling statement, and although Eswarth was aware that he wasn't fully versed in the persons around him, this one sentence was telling to the Centaur.

Even weeks of exposure weren't enough to delve the complete character of a person. This little human was indeed deeper than one might expect after only a fortnight or two.

Eswarth wondered if the others were as introspective regarding each other.

Two days passed, and just as Maragarn was beginning to doubt that he'd made the right descision, the feint smell of smoke whafted through the air, teasing his nose. Could only be a short ways off by now, and the timing was good, as the sun was close to touching the western horizon.

Maragarn lifted his nose and took in the scent of the fire. He closed his eyes and found comfort in it for it was the smell of home. He twitched at the prospect of seeing his grandsire. He opened his eyes and began to trot.

“This way…my tribe is this way!” he said pointing in the direction of the smokey scent. He hoisted the spear from his back and began to trot. During his travels to and from the Centaur city he found that running the wilds with a spear in his hand seemed more natural. “It’s not too much further!”

Charon was glad for Maragarn that they had finally reached his tribe. Glad, too, that his grandfather would be healed by the roots he carried. However, Charon was beginning to get very uncomfortable at the thought of meeting Maragarn’s entire tribe. Maybe it was all the time he had been spending out in the wild this past few weeks. Maybe he had been away from Embar for so long that his tolerance for being around large groups of people had been reduced. Whatever the reason, Charon was not reacting well to the thought of what lay ahead. His discomfort was evident by the slowing of his pace. Charon slipped to the back of the group, trailing them a short distance. His breath became short and his eyes darted back and forth, sure signs of an impending anxiety attack. “Uh oh,” thought Charon. “It’s been a while since it was this bad.”

Spot check, DC10 and you notice Charron's anxiety attack!


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