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Satyr tracks (Completed)

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Two weeks since leaving the Ironbark forest and Maragarn found the first sign of his people's passing through the area. Of course, he'd known he'd wait about that long at least, since this would be where they were when he left.

The lack of growth in the circles where they'd set their tents told him little in regards to how long they'd been gone, only just that they were in fact, gone.

This realization drove home the fact that this was the first time that Maragarn truely didn't know where his family was.

There on the ground was the skull of a goat, and it was facing north. This skull was too clean and white to have died and decayed. This was here for a reason. Maragarn knew it faced the direction his tribe had gone.

... and beside the goat skull was a human skull. It too faced north.

"Enough with the idle chit chat you two", said Charon as he knelt beside the skulls. "We've got important work ahead of us". Charon picked up the human skull. "Now how did you get out of my satchel this time, Collinsworth?"

Maragarn eyed Charon curiously. He still was not able to place a finger on the oddity of this man but he seemed to have a rather cozy feeling about death.

Maragarn’s mind came in to focus. His skills in running the wilds would now be put the test. If he got lost his grandsire would perish. He would be leading this group to where they had to go. This was a position he was outrageously uncomfortable with. He had never led a hunting party in his own tribe and now he had to lead near strangers. This was perhaps a chance to prove the worth of his race. His mind focused tightly.

Maragarn crouched down and faced the exact direction the skull was “looking”. He traced a line with his finger across the top of the goat skull and lined it up with a tree beyond to mark a straight line in a northerly direction. Swiftness getting the better of him, he stood up and pointed his spear, “North…my tribe went North. We can stay here and rest the night since it’s a proven spot or we can strike further on.” Maragarn looked to the others for a sense of approval.

Eswarth was getting used to many of the mannerisms of his companions, but other aspect were still just a little much. He pretended to not notice Charron's affinity for Collinsworth or his fetish for the dead.

Camp here or move forward? Well, it seemed to Eswarth that there was truly little choice.

"We'd best move forward for the few hands of light that we yet have. That much closer to your goals."

He let the suggestion hang in the air. In the final analysis, this decision was Maragrarn's to make; he alone among the new group would be impacted by the final result of this quest.

"I agree with Eswarth," said Charon. "I've already seen more death than I care to since my journey started. It would be nice to actually prevent one. I get few opportunities to do that in my line of work."


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