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Maine?! Wow, perhaps I will increase the population then by a factor of 10.

Cool though, thanks for doing the math as I am in school and therefore incapable of application of any knowledge.

Maine huh, wow, that's big and stuff.

Don't you mean DROP the population by a factor of 10?

We ARE talking about Maine, right? There's more moose than men up there ... and, no, I'm not referring to the women.

/yes I am.

Actually I think that would also be roughly the same size as all of England (not including Wales)!

So I popped over to another web seach, and England seems to be 50,346 Square Miles (although I didn't see that this number specifically excludes Wales, I did another search and came up with 20,764 square miles for Wales).

Assuming that the first number includes Wales, doing some wicked-quick math (for which I'm infamous), looks like you're probably right on the mark, Chassic!

And with that, another Johan Cupie Doll is awarded!

The two closest countries to this size, according to worldatlas.com, are the UAE (32,000 square miles) and the Czech Republic (30,450 square miles). Of course, I'll be ding-danged if I can even come close to identifying with those places!

I'm wondering if, at this point, Dray isn't recalling a quick mention that he made some years ago about a mountain range that could be seen from a couple of days out at sea?


Oh man...this thread is definately great for a good hearty chuckle(head)....LOL! My sides hurt form laughing so much!  ;)

Calification of a point above, every 1st level character gets a 1st feat, then gets the human bonus of another 2nd feat, then if one or both classes lists any bonus feats, you get those as well (from both classes if applicable).


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