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In an interest to assist all players in taking advantage of the Gestalt variance, I am upping the ability score modifier allowance and the scores as follows:

+10 to ability modifiers instead of +8
*Higher of the two scores in a range instead of the lower (16 to 17 for +3 modifier would now be a 17).

This will help more as your toons reach 4th and 5th level as well. Since any player who has a character who starts under the age of 16 will get a +1 bonus to an ability score when reaching 16, and all characters will receive +1 bonus to an ability score as typical to the PHB every 4 levels.

Dray, here's the thread that you and I were just talking about. On the 23rd of January, Safe Haven had a radius of 100 miles. Based upon our conversation earlier tonight, it should have been only a 50-mile radius.


At a radius of 50 miles, the square mileage would be closer to 7,800 square miles. Obviously, a quarter size what we were thinking.

Massachusetts is 10,555 square miles. New Jersey is 8,721 square miles.

On another tangent, 2007 cencus data puts the population of NJ at 8,685,920 and that of MA at 6,449,755. Maine is 1,317,207

Information is cool.

Oh, what's the population of Safe Haven? Of Our Commons?

Ok, I just changed your statements of feet to miles, but I know what you meant and good call.

As we discussed on the "telley" I am thinking in order to have such a military presence and mindset, the people of Safe-Haven would have to be under constant threat. So I am thinking the danger from the KT of the Outlands is a semi-constant one, with incursions or downright breeches of the wall happening on a monthly if not sometimes weekly basis.

That being said, the military of such a society would be a typical profession of the citizenship (although may not popular to some). So I am thinking we may have more "active" soldiers than I once thought. Since this number is getting into the tens of thousands, the population of the overall kingdom may go from 44k to about 100+ thousand.

Since 6.5 million griznuqs can fit into MA which is only 25% bigger, I am thinking 100+ Lawful citizens could fit into my little place.



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