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A Humbled Thanks ( Completed )

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A Humbled Thanks

Maragarn traveled north with the rest of the unlikely crew of companions. He had remained quiet trying his best not to call attention to himself. When spoken to, he would answer with his eyes lowered to the ground and with a short concise reply. It wasn’t that he felt lesser than them but assumed that the others thought he was. It was what he was brought up to believe. He came to see that it wasn’t his skill with shadows that was the “curse” but that rather, it was shackles of how others saw him that was.

Still, he owed the Centaurs a great deal of gratitude for giving him the Ironbark sapling so that he might save his grandsire. Since it was his grandsire that brought the wrath of the gods upon his once tribe of elves, it was a gesture of particular note. Such a fact need not be spoken of to the company that Maragarn kept. The unfortunate part in this is that Maragarn’s tribe probably wanted his grandsire to die if only to be rid of the reminder of the glory they once held.

Maragarn walked slightly apart from the others as he had always been instructed to when in the presence of those from beyond the tribe. However, owing a debt of acknowledgement to the Centaurs, he approached Eswarth cautiously.

He walked behind and to the side of Eswarth and glanced quickly up as he spoke. “I beg your gracious pardon honored Eswarth of the Ancient Race” he said in voice barely above a mumble.

Assuming that this takes place after the end of last session (session 2)...

Eswarth was greatly irritated with himself. He was a Protector; Corellon Larethian had deemed him so. His performance in this combat was embarrasing to say the least. He was thus lost in his thoughts when he heard something out of the periphery of his hearing.

He glanced back over his flank to see the small satyr looking up at him with dark eyes. "I'm sorry, little one." He apologized. "I'm afraid that I wasn't listening well. What did you say?" He slowed his gait to better accomodate the somewhat awkward step of his companion.

Maragarn, slightly embarresed, said, "I beg your pardon Great one of the Ancient race. I wanted to thank your kindred on behalf of my family and myself...fo...for the Ironbark sapling. I know how rare they must be and to bestow such a regal gift to my people is...uh..." Maragarn stammered. Maragarn felt awkward in these types of situations. Though well spoken and learned words did not come to him easily on this matter. "Well, it is generous...especially to my...kin".

Maragarn felt as though he probably should have stayed quiet...he suddenly saw himself as foolish for tripping over his words and looked to the ground.

Great one?!? Eswarth smiled down at his little companion. "We are pleased to be able to help, although in truth it is Su'Tharc who rendered this aid unto you. Su'Tharc, and Our Lady of the Forest, that is."

"Can you tell me why it might be that you feel that your kin are uniquely undeserved of aid?" Eswarth was well aware of the history that belonged to all Satyrs, but he had never had the opportunity to talk to any of them about it, and this presented opportunity was just too inviting for him to ignore.

/* Camera changes to Fir'Ath */

Fir'Ath was almost lost in his thoughts after dwelling on one for very long. After the goblins, he almost succumbed to the beasts rage within. Thank the Owls he had not.

One thought did make its way to the surface though...

'That Centuar sure sucked in battle.'

/*Camera changes back to Eswarth and Maragarn */


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